Apr. 27th, 2013

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[The camera flicks on, showing two female figures huddled in a darkened room, one girl fumbling with the communicator. They're both panting hard, whimpering as they try to catch their breath, and outside the door, something distinctly not human is scratching, howling, and laughing at them.]

It's gonna eat us, Lila!

[Lila only stops making the high-pitched, continual eeeeee (which, really, isn't helping against members of the dog family) long enough to correct Jessica.]

THEY! THEY'RE gonna eat us, Jess! Didn't you see the other one? With the fangs and the slobber and I am too pretty to be puppy chow! That's what you do with used up hor-

[She cuts herself off in a loud shriek, and one hand flies up to cover her mouth. Now that she's hyperventilating under her hand, the communicator's microphone is picking up the distinct sounds of wood cracking.]

Oh my god!  Why is this happening? I want to live!

[Jessica wails loudly, before apparently having a bright idea.]

Hold them off for a second! I have to go get something!

[She accidentally kicks the communicator in her scramble to dart away.]

HOLD THEM OFF? Are you crazy? Why doesn't this place have a fire escape?

[A moment later, though, Lila crawls through the frame in her nightie, clutching a stiletto. After she's offscreen, there's thump and her legs return, bent as if she's sitting and bracing herself. The door is rattling less, but the laughter is getting louder.]

Get some hairspray and a lighter!

I've got something better than that!

[Jessica reappears, clutching what would appear to be a handgun. Yup, that's totally a handgun. And even in the dark, her devious grin can be seen.]

Okay! Open the door! And be careful, I've only done this once before!

[Lila starts screaming her head off at the sight of this.]

Open the door?!? What if you MISS?

[Except that there are wild animals on the other side of the door, and they can't stay here forever. The legs disapper as Lila gets to her feet.]

OK. OK. One, two... THREE!

[Lila wrenches the door open and can be seen throwing herself onto the bed. Meanwhile, Jessica has her eyes closed tight as she pulls the trigger and the gun fires.


Cue sharp yelping from outside the door for a second, followed by the earth shattering sound of silence.]

Lila? It's safe now. I think I killed them.

[She pauses, staring into the camera with a look of horror on her face.]

Oh gawwwwwd!!

[[ooc: Pink is Jessica, purple is Lila. This is in reference to the Jumanji happenings tonight!]]


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