Apr. 29th, 2013

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[ Once the chaos has died down from the animals rampaging all around, Madoka finally has time to accept the reality of her empty apartment. When Mami left, it was alright because she felt herself eager to take up her work into her own hands to continue her mentor's greatness. When Homura left the City (ported out, that's what it's called wasn't it?), something tugged at her heart and made the space all around her feel more vacant. Something was missing now, but she's not sure what.

Madoka was hoping that when she made it home from those strange ships that her best friend would be here waiting for her with that fired up look in her eyes and a scolding tone to match. She wasn't though. No one was left here for Madoka other than the girl with red hair that was also a Puella Magi. No more than a stranger who can hear her if she reached out with her mind--that's all Kyouko was at the moment. When the still of night (as still as a busy city can be) finally hits her, she pulls out her device to address the network in the early hours of the morning. ]

Homura Akemi and Sayaka Miki have both left too. [ That's what people do whenever someone leaves, right? They tell everyone just in case there was something. In this situation though, the latter's simply only ported out for a bit. Madoka though is unaware of it, so it feels as though she's lost her best friend on top of it all. ] I thought--[ Sniff. ]--I thought it was proper to tell everyone.

If they had any jobs or duties, I can--[ Another sniffle, this is taking a lot out of her to not break out into crocodile tears all over again. The City's had enough crocodiles and gators to last them a lifetime. ]--I can do them, I guess. I'll just need some time to myself before it gets too cloudy.

I'm sorry for the trouble. [ The tone of her voice picks up as though she's about to cry and that's when she ends it. ]
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Anyone else who was on that little other-world-thing adventure never wanna see a boat or the ocean or water ever again?

And I thought living on Utopia was bad. Goddamn.


Apr. 29th, 2013 10:14 pm
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[There is a blue-eyed child looking at you. She can't be more than three. She is, however, wearing a very grown-up expression of dissatisfaction. And some kind of superhero outfit with a big "6" on the chest.

Ordinarily, Val would be cagier about immediately going public in a strange place, but, well, she has A Problem. When she speaks, it's with fully adult syntax and no hint of a lisp or any other childish speech impediment.]

Hi. I'm Valeria Richards. Assuming no alternate timeline stuff--not a safe assumption, I know, but sometimes you gotta live dangerously--it looks like there are a few people out there who're friends of my parents. You've got a couple of hours to come get me before they [she turns the phone to show a pair of what are presumably social workers, looking simultaneously put-upon and patient] try to stick me in foster care and things get sketchy.

[Anyone who knows Val will know that's more for the prospective foster parents' protection than hers. No one wants her turning some unfortunate family's appliances into her robot escape army.]



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