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I'm telling you, I need to go back to save her from whatever he plans to do with her!

[Pictured: One ginger-haired teen yelling at the side, his right hand holding the phone which is pointing at himself, his left hand is cut off from the screen, though.

Not pictured and heard: The person he's arguing with.

Got that? Good, because that's exactly what you're seeing right now.]


What do you mean I'm in love with her? She's just an ally right now!

[There's a frustrated sigh as he then turned his head to face the camera, left hand dropping down right as he does that.]

Er, sorry about that, a-anyways, uh, they called us here to be heroes, right?

[The teen looked awkward about this.]

I would love to help, but I'm in the middle of something bigger right now, so if you guys can point me back to a plane ticket to Japan, it'd be great-

[And then he raised his left hand, showing a tomato, as he just glared at it.]

I told you, she's not my girlfriend!

[...Uh, before the 'argument' has a chance to continue, the teen is going to just. Cut off the feed because he's pretty sure he's now painting the first impression that he's actually a nutcase.

And before you ask, yes, that earlier person, was in fact, the 'tomato' he was holding just now.]

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Apr. 30th, 2013 06:12 pm
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[The first thing to appear on the screen is a somewhat sad looking cat before the communicator is zoomed out to focus on Vriska's face too. The one-eyed, one-eared, three legged cat is perched between her horns looking pretty content.]

So, I was thinking! A while ago I talked with some guy about the way we carry stuff back where I'm from, and how it's totally busted now that I'm here. I'm used to carrying stuff in a sylladex, and pretty much everyone else from my world is too, but according to the blue furbeast, they're completely illogical. Which is stupid since they totally worked before I got here.

But, anyway, I figured that if we had something like that, then other worlds probably have personal inventories they use to carry stuff in too, right? Like a backpack that will hold way more shit than it looks like it should, or storing things in cards that don't take up space.

And, since I'm asking, I'm also wondering if they still work for you here, if you do have them! Since I have to say it's getting really old just carrying stuff around normally these days. Who even does that? It's suuuuuuuuch a waste.
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[in the background of the entire recording are the occasional sounds of traffic. feferi herself sounds a mixture of angry, worried, and a little out-of-breath.]

So I got Ported out again.


Hey, I know the way humans catalog planetary orbital periods is really stupid, but I'm pretty sure it was in the seventh month when I left, and now the comm is telling me it's in the fourth month. I am also pretty sure they're not counted backwards so that doesn't really make any sense!

[another pause, and this time she definitely sounds more worried than angry]

Can somebody tell me how long I was gone for?


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