May. 2nd, 2013

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[The connection is rough, muffled, and it's hard at first to hear because the words are spoken in a hushed voice.]

I'm in need of assistance. I'm being held against my will.

[The voice cuts off again and there's an unidentifiable sound in the background.]

Murdock. [ A second voice cuts through, low but clear -- and the displeasure in the tone is obvious. The noises get louder: firm footsteps and a vague rustle of movement that escalates. ] What do you think you're doing--?

[The rustling continues, followed by a low, sharp growl.]

I'm getting out of here. I'm going to turn myself in.

Don't be stupid. [A more drastic motion is betrayed by a rough rustle of fabric -- and then, the second speaker's voice darkens even further ] Is that transmitting?

[A snort, the voice growing suddenly louder.]

You bet it is.

Stupid-- [ several sounds form in a clutter: grasping hands, moving feet and clattering objects.]

That's enough, Frank. This is finished. I'm leaving.

[There's further commotion, perhaps a physical struggle? Who can really say at this point.

Some of the noise quiets, but only slightly. There is still a murmur of twisting fabric: a hand tightening its grip. The second voice is also calmer now.]
That won't do you any good.

[The first voice has gone quieter again too, though the frustration is still clearly present.] Anything's better than this hellhole. [A beat.] Try to stop me again, and I'll break your damn leg.

Hm. You'd try. [The sound of moving fabric ceases and footsteps grow quieter.] Go then.

[There's a moment's hesitation as the footsteps fade away before the connection is abruptly cut.]

((ooc: Red is Murdock, blue is Castle. Responses may be delayed.))


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