May. 4th, 2013


May. 4th, 2013 01:27 am
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[There is the briefest of pauses before Silva's accented tones chase away the silence.]

Mother's Day is coming. [Oh, this should be good.] In this country, at least. I've had a few places I've called home over many years, and the date falls at different times in different areas. It is the 12th here. It was back in March in other places. And while people will surely be drinking on Cindo de Mayo, some countries celebrate the 5th as the day to see their mothers gifted with cards and flowers and little gifts from their children.

So I suppose the expected cadre of basic questions goes here. When you celebrate it, if you do at all. How you celebrate it. I could play the false therapist and ask everyone about their mothers, but I am not so callous or qualified.

It is good to have a maternal figure in one's life, I think. Some are unfortunate enough to lose theirs, and some have the good fortune of finding multiple. This will be the first year in quite a time that I won't have someone around to celebrate for all of their hard work. Perhaps I'll find another way to observe. Hm, so, rather than ask about your mothers, I then pose this question: what does motherhood mean to you?

Ah, and before I would ever so soon forget--James, I do hope you haven't drowned that poor beast yet! I would be so heartbroken otherwise. She has so much love to give, after all. So much.


May. 4th, 2013 10:57 am
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[Hello City have a familiar blue-haired girl smiling at you, though the smile cracks a bit at the end]


[Oh, that doesn't sound too energetic and happy and everything-is-like-super-great, does it? So she widens her smile and tries again.]

Yeah! [There, that's better!] So! Looks like I got—what do you call that again? Ported out? Yeah, sorry about that.

[Her grin turns sheepish as she scratches the back of her head.]

But I'm back now and ready to kick evil people butt, just like before. No regrets. And I'm not going to change anytime soon just because I disappeared for a few days! Or weeks. Or months. I don't really know how long I've been gone!

A-Anyway, what did I miss? And Madoka, are you still around?
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[This post comes on during the early evening. Harry is blushing something fierce and looks a bit grumpy.]

Tell me, whose idea was it to put...well, that on the moon? [He blushes a bit more as he turns the camera towards the moon. The moon's only about a quarter full, but that's the quarter with the moondick on it! The moondick which obviously offends Harry's Stuffy British Sensibilities.]

If you can travel through space, certainly you could put it to better use than simple graffiti.
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[ see she-hulk. see she-hulk looking extremely apologetic and embarrassed. this is definitely a first for her. she's standing outside of the porter building, wearing some sweats and a muscle shirt like she had just been working out. she rubs her neck and then starts: ]

How do you tell a sentient, possible crazed machine that she might have an infatuation with you and that it's just not going to work out? And that it's not you, it's her, and she really needs to stop randomly sending you out?

[ she sighs and drags her hand down her face before her gaze moves to the side and then back to the camera ]

Two months. Two months. I wasn't even here for a month.

[ a beat and then: ]

I didn't even get a chance to ask last time. Who has my pugs? I know Doc must've handed them off to someone.


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