May. 5th, 2013


May. 5th, 2013 07:38 pm
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Good morning. I hope that everybody finds themselves well, and that those who ventured to that ocean-esque world are fully recovered from the venture. I thought a little downtime, if it could be granted, would be best before I attempted to address what it is I am about to.

Four days into the whole thing, Mr. Gilbert Nightray and I came upon came upon a curious text inside of a bookshop. The text, translated, is as follows:

"With that bright light, the clouds sizzled.
Volcanoes exploded and the seas flooded.
Doom came.
Vulcanus, they said, needed us.
They took some of us."

The rest, unfortunately, has been disconnected from the page. It is not much, but it speaks volumes about the history of that world. Even if it raises more questions than answers, it begins to point us in the right direction.

Mr. Nightray and I speculated as to its meaning at length, of course. Was that world a true alternate universe, or a potential future of the universe in which we currently find ourselves? Was Vulcanus the cause of the disaster inflicted upon that world? If they did take citizens of that world elsewhere, to where did they take them and to what end? If, as before, we were seemingly meant to pursue Vulcanus, why was our arrival so far separated?

There are not many clean conclusions to be drawn, which is where I am hoping you come in. If anybody else came across pieces of information like this, I would think it important that we combine what we've learned and discuss the possibilities. Snippets involving "imaginary time" and time-stream manipulation have already been mentioned elsewhere...

Lachesis is not always without rhyme or reason, and Vulcanus certainly is not. I think that this is a puzzle worth solving. I invite everybody to use this space for discussion of the topic, and I will gladly arrange any necessary meetings, should people find discussion over the Network to be uncomfortable.

I am, of course, available by phone and in person during my office hours at the Xavier Institute.
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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Wasn't it Shakespeare's birthday not too long ago? Since arriving here I admit I've been curious as to how that machine chose our monikers. I suppose it's only appropriate a hero wouldn't choose his own, however.

What do you think? Would Superman have done just as well without his title?

How important is a name to you? Would you be the same person without it?

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May. 5th, 2013 11:02 pm
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[A thin, somewhat weak looking young man with white hair and amber eyes has just turned on the feed. He has a pleasant smile, and he speaks quietly and somewhat politely to the camera.]

This place seems to be a lot more free than the place I come from. This makes me quite pleased. Sadly, I think it might be a little more free than I am used to.

[He scratches his head and gives a nervous chuckle.]

You see, I come from a world where all your choices are made for you. I'm even having trouble deciding what to eat for dinner tonight, that's how...uh...I believe the word is "sheltered" world was. So...what's the secret to dealing with all these choices? Does anyone have any advice?

[Of course he'd have to play the silly fool for a little bit. He didn't mind. Just below the feed's screen, unseen by those watching, he's toying with his favorite razor blade. He was happy that these people at least were making their own choices, something he'd wanted back home. He wondered if he'd be happier here, or would he just run into other problems with this world?]


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