May. 7th, 2013

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May. 7th, 2013 02:00 am
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so it's been a week and i haven't heard from santo so i'm gonna put it out there that he's been ported out. i'll keep you all updated on that front i guess.

so how's everybody doing? any port-outs, gossip, or awesome stories you wanna share? actually, scratch that first one. tell me like, anything else.


May. 7th, 2013 07:21 pm
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❝ the lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, o lord, endures forever. do not forsake the work of your hands. ❞

do you actually believe that, though? do you believe in destiny or do you believe that it is our own? discuss.

also, since we're having a deep conversation. google would have made my life a whole lot easier if it had existed in the 1800s. then again there would not be young men saying that they love vintage victorian erotica more than the mainstream kind (here's a hint: it's still erotica).

if you're a really old guy wearing a hood over your head, you owe me a saturday night for the one you ruined. cash only.

(ooc: sorry, this got really NSFW)
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[ The setting: a warehouse, by the docks, more shadow than light. It's not quite the cliché, because the place isn't abandoned. A handful of nondescript, tattooed men appear blurry and out of focus in the background of the transmission feed. Most of them are moving around, a few are standing still and menacing, thick fingers wrapped around automatic weapons. And in the foreground, bald and mean and sharp enough you can see the spit string from his mouth when he yells, is the leader.

This isn't an accidental post, but the man standing before you has no idea he's being recorded. He is also probably not Natasha Romanov, who owns this network connection according to the helpful label. ]

[ Says the man: ]Heh. I finally caught you, you dumb bitch. You didn't know I'd have cameras, did you?

[ Natasha's voice comes through, level, though it's obvious she's restrained somewhere off-camera. Says Natasha: ] I didn't know you were smart enough to keep those drugs for yourself. Bobrisky was going to betray you, you know. It's good you slaughtered him and his men before he got the chance.

[ The man is a bit surprised by this response. Says the man: ] Yeah… yeah. He had it coming. And so do you. [ He flips open a switchblade. ]

[ Says Natasha: ] Is that so? [ Her voice is still placid. ] Well then. Come and get me.

[ On one of the crates, in plain view of the communicator, is the address of the warehouse. Clearly visible. It's almost as if someone had planted it. ]

OOC: Responses will be ICly delayed a few hours for obvious reasons. Action responses welcomed also if you'd like to get ur Avengers Assemble on.
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[indulgently posting from the deck of his ship, floating on the harbor as the city lights sparkle on the dark water in the background]

Well. Seeing as there was an article in the news today about a stolen historical ship being found abandoned off the coast of Spain, and seeing as he hasn't answered any of my calls, I'd venture to guess that this world is short one more pirate. If anyone had the fortune to cross paths with Red-haired Shanks in his brief visit here, sorry to say but it looks like he disappeared sometime while I was off in that other world. Shame, he could have really shaken things up around here.

Between that and our delightful visit [snort] to the watery world, I feel pretty lucky to have more than a taste of home to tide me over. It's been so long, I was starting to forget. Not anymore, though.

Those who spent any time with the pirates over there. What did you think? Better or worse than your romantic dreams of adventure?

[he grins; there's an ulterior motive for asking. He's still feeling smug and superior to the Tirisean pirates]


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