May. 9th, 2013

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As much as I'm totally not surprised about life screwing me over, again... That doesn't make me okay with it. But I should be, right? Is that the lesson? Well, fuck the lesson! I'm done with playing nice and I'm done with everything good in my life being yanked away right when everything is...

Going right. Everything is going right for me and I have to get back to it. Can someone get down here and pinch me so I can wake up? Or at least buy me, like, a really expensive latte. That's the least this place could do for us, right.

'Hey you won a first class trip to the weirdest dream of your life, have a coffee so you can cope with this.' That would only be polite. Assholes.

Oh yeah so I'm Lily. Hi. [she waves and the feed dies]
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Callie Maggotbone here, near triumphant and pretty damn pleased with herself.

In regards to Imbargo and in attempts to help bridge the Import-Native divide that has been caused by Imbargo and other events from the past year, I have arranged a committee to discuss equal and fair procedures regarding Import rights and border security with the English delegation next week. Our committee was carefully chosen-- a well-rounded group of our own, if you will. Our hopes are that we can come to a resolve that we will all agree on. Decisions have been made for us, which seems a little unfair, doesn't it?

With that said, all D.O.I. business will be regulated by my assistant- Robert. As far as the D.O.I. law enforcement, it was going to be covered by Santo but- way to go porter- he is MIA. Which means our subordinate native law enforcement crew will hold down the fort through communication with myself and Hellion.

Don't explode anything while we're gone, now.


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