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"Don't eat other citizens," - someone really thinks it's necessary to give that direction? I mean, don't get me wrong, it's definitely good to not eat other people, I would just think that it wouldn't be the best idea to bring people that might eat the other citizens. It wouldn't really be cannibalism though, right? Because if you brought someone from another planet that wasn't a human, but ate humans, then....

[Billy kind of trails off as he contemplates this - and then the fact that wow the first thing he's posting to the notwork is discussing the technical terminology of cannibalism when it comes to alien races. Awkward.]

Anyway, hi. I'm Billy. I was kind of in the middle of something back home but I'm guessing that's not really going to do anything for me in terms of getting back there, so it's probably better just to get into this whole network....thing.

Oh, yeah, one last question - so "Stark Technologies" communicator, right? That wouldn't happen to be Stark as in Tony Stark, would it?

[I mean, hey, there are other Starks in other worlds. GRRM is particularly fond of killing them.]

Note #1

May. 10th, 2013 04:04 pm
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Very well, I believe I have read all the recommended material regarding this place, and some of the most recent news as well. Very educative. Feels like jumping from the pan to the fire a little too much to be comfortable.

[ The voice is, however, strong, decided, and yet it remains delicate and feminine. Years of practice have made Victoria Hand capable of keeping her voice even, despite whatever was going on. Like coming back from the dead, for instance.

She’s still going to need to figure that one out, but for the time being she has to assess her situation.

My name is Victoria Hand. I suppose some of you are bound to be familiar with the name. I hope there are no negative connotations attached to it. [ A beat. ] Not anymore, at least. Let us all behave like the grownups we are. Minors please refrain from correcting me, you know what I mean.

[ There is a pause in which Victoria’s heels can be heard walking briskly towards the edge of the Porter building. ]

They could at least have brought me at ground level. [ An unseen wince; she had been at ground level up to a moment ago. ]

Would it be safe to assume there is one, if not several ImPort based organizations? There are always groups for the minorities after all, superpowered or not. I would like to hear from them, and what are they doing.

I would also like a hot sponge bath, but life isn’t perfect.

Well? I am waiting. In the meantime I suppose is due time I remove myself from this roof.
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There has got to be a way to give others -- especially work -- a heads up you're going to be unavailable for about a week on account of the Porter sending you off to another world. [ All is said in a flat tone, but it picks up a bit. ] I don't doubt it will happen again, but a note in advance would be handy.

Anyway, I'm kind of glad to be back somewhere I'm familiar with and not on a ship with ghosts and cannibals. [ Emphasis on "kind of." ] But retail therapy only did so much and lately I've been thinking it's been forever since a bunch of us ladies of legal drinking age had a night out together on the town. So how about it? Any of you in?

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It looks like we've got another batch of new people coming in, huh? I used to pay attention whenever that was happening, to see if someone from my world was going to show up, but now...I don't know. It doesn't seem important. Not sure I'd wish this place on anyone else anyway.

What about you guys? There's someone you probably want to see again, or someone you really hope doesn't show up. Especially with so many superheroes here. [A pause.] It still feels really silly to actually use that word and be completely serious.

Either way, I'm not trying to make anyone sad or uncomfortable here. I'm just curious, and really bored. That's what the network is here to help with, right?
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[ Shoes. There are shoes everywhere as the camera pans across the familiar basic set-up of a new room in the MAC. Lila has been coming to her room at the MAC almost daily - not to sleep there, but she's been busy. High heels, stilettos, strappy numbers, sensible pumps, cowboy boots - all footwear imaginable lie in a floor-swallowing jumble, piling up in shoe drifts against the furniture. The carpet is nowhere to be seen. The small wastepaper basket in the corner, for those sharp-eyed enough to spot it - it's overwhelmed by shoes, is full of small, colored stones. A young soprano voice is laughing heartily over this. ]

I have no idea what's going on, but this is outrageous.

[ The communicator is spun around, and a giggling Lila Fowler is sitting on her bed amidst several pairs of shoes rescued from the chaff. Her light-brown hair is loose and tousled, and her eyes are sparkling with tears from laughing so hard. But that's not the only thing twinkling in the feed. There is an intricate gold tiara atop that hair, with a single sapphire in it. She's holding up a black shoe with a rather iconic red sole. ]

I've never heard of Louboutin, but I think we're going to be good friends.

[She tosses the shoe over her shoulder for now, and it whumps of the headboard. The laughter finally stops, replaced by a tiny smile and a no-nonsense tone.]

Right. I'm getting out of this dump, and I mean now. Most of the shoes are staying - I am not a maid, this is not my apartment or my problem anymore. If anyone wants them, you're welcome to them, if you think can get your fat feet into them. I'll say which room they're in when I'm not.

[She turns the comm back around again, and the tips of her fingers can be seen as she fumbles to turn it off.]

Really, who wears cowboy boots?

[Snort. Click.]
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[Tired. Incredibly irritated. Both are reflected in his tone when Steve opens up a link to the network, once he's figured out how to navigate it.]

Should I be looking for Stark, Banner, or Thor? Probably Thor, since the cube - [He sighs.] Where am I? No, that's not the right question, is it. When am I? Stark, why did you build this whole building if you were going to leave it to the creepy computer, and where's that other one, JARVIS?

[A pause. He has more questions, certainly, but that's a start.] I think that's it. I'll be in the 'M.A.C.'.

Wait, no, one more thing. What happened to Lady Liberty?


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