May. 13th, 2013

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[ The video opens on a young girl, about 16 years old, with one brown eye and one blue eye. She's addressing the camera as she hangs out in the park. ]

When I fell off the edge of the world I was kind of expecting to end up in somewhere a little more different than an alternate New York City. Not that I've ever been to New York City before, but you're supposed to get to the Hereafter through the Izabella, not by falling into oblivion. Or maybe I just got caught in the mix up. I think I was supposed to end up somewhere else but got intercepted.

[ Looks around at her surroundings now. ] Not that I'm fully complaining. A world full of superheroes is still a little- or a lot- different from the Hereafter in my home. It's jut also a lot different from what I was expecting.

Don't ask me what I was expecting, I'm not entirely sure of that either. [ Small grin. ]

As for being a hero, I think you've got the wrong girl. I tend to cause chaos and mayhem wherever I go. Not on purpose, never on purpose. I try to clean up after myself too, but I can't deny the long line of incidents in my past that seem to happen where ever I show up. Doesn't seem very hero quality to me.

So if someone could just point me to a place to stay, I'll keep out of everyone's hair while you do your hero business.

Thanks. [ Cuts the feed off. ]
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[The face gravely considering the screen appears to be that of a middle-aged man, with receding blond hair and a strong nose. Viewers might recognize the exterior of the Porter Tower behind him.]

This is model HRS 0288 of Europol, Gesicht, requesting further information on "the City." My own network capabilities are currently nonfunctional.

Thank you for your assistance.


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