May. 15th, 2013

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[Blond junior news anchor Carl Morton is behind the desk tonight, his composure visibly wavering a bit after the sudden bombshell that just got dropped on the international community.]

Dramatic new developments in the controversy surrounding the ImBargo Act today, as we have confirmed reports that an official in the English government has been revealed as a Skrull agent- an alien shapeshifter that impersonates other people. Craig Williamson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, was attending a diplomatic meeting this weekend with ImPorts associated with the Department of Integration.

cut for length: tl;dr dead Skrull mission accomplished )

The revelation that a Skrull has apparently been backing the ImBargo for an unknown amount of time raises new questions about whether other Skrulls may be present in governments around the world, and just what link there is between them, the ImBargo Act, and Vulcanus. England has previously been criticized by other governments for its continued membership in the ImBargo, and is likely to come under fresh pressure in the wake of this scandal.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

[ooc: Feel free to have your character react and discuss with others in the comments, if applicable!]
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[ The video flicks on, but it isn't showing Julian's face. Instead, it's panning across a tabletop over which dozens of papers and files are spread. Many of them are quite obviously marked as Protected or Confidential, while others are unmarked. The camera takes them all in, and over that backdrop, Julian's voice can be heard. ]


This filter better work, I swear to God. I hope you guys can hear me. I don't have long.

We found something. We have all of this in hard copy, and we're bringing it, but I'm attaching a ZIP file for you. Check it out.

[ Suddenly the video disappears, and is replaced by a text post, complete with an attachment to download. Within that admittedly substantial download can be found an electronic scan of every one of the files on the table.

They concern Craig Williamson, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the United Kingdom. They show that he had come into office shortly after that battle in Times Square, and that his coming into office had brought about a very clear policy change that pushed towards supporting the Imbargo Act. They include expenses reports, which include bills for food and hospitality at meetings with Vulcanus, and a series of letters the indicate Williamson has championed the company's interests to his fellow Ministers. Finally, there are a series of papers with copies of emails between staff, containing conversations on how much Williamson has changed over the last year, how much more outspoken he has been towards ImPorts and how he had taken a sudden and unexplained interest in ImBargo legislation.

After a moment, the video comes back, this time showing Julian's face.

You can read them for yourselves. We were right. This Secretary of State isn't what he seems. He's best friends with Vulcanus. This is England's Foreign Minister, and he's in bed with the assholes who tried to poison every single one of us in Venezuela last year.

And he wasn't always like this. Everything, from his policies to his tie to Vulcanus happened in the last year. His own staff were surprised by it. You have to confront him with this.

[ There's a noise off-camera which sounded suspiciously like a door crashing open. Julian's face flashes away in the direction of the sound. ]

Crap. We've got to go. We'll see you at the pickup point. Don't be late.

[ There's another sound, this time of footsteps very quickly approaching, and there's a crash of glass. Then, all at once, the video clicks off. ]

[ ooc: Responses will be ICly delayed until Julian and his infiltration team can put some distance between themselves and the British authorities.

Note - The filter includes everyone who signed up for the Skrullhunt plot here.


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