May. 21st, 2013

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[the view that can be seen on the video is a rather breathtaking one. if you can't fly, that is. a view of the city from one of the many skyscrapers, the sun beginning to set whilst the night life continues on. out of the bottom corner of the camera's eye however, the hint of a flowing black fabric can be seen, belonging to the man holding the communicator. it was gusty this high up, so it was only natural that the draped cloth along his leg would blow with the wind]

It's a lot more beautiful here... Too bad I don't buy it. [in that instant, Cloud turns the communicator around so that it's facing him now, a piercing set of blue eyes and wild spiky blond hair greeting the camera. he's not amused]

My guess is that it's a bit redundant to ask to be sent home now. This place needs heroes, after all.

(Wonder how that's working out for whatever's calling the shots.)

What else are they not telling us?

[a brief pause until he calmly shakes his head and closes his eyes, letting the communicator rest at his side--] Doubt I could hide my identity anyway. [--before cutting the camera off]
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[Well here's something that hasn't been seen in a while. To the layman, it just looks like Kaito leaning against the wall in his MAC apartment. To those more familiar with him, the lack of luminescence might be a change.]

Apologies for my absence. This past month or so has held considerable developments. Some of them enlightening, yes, but certain others considerably less so. Still, it's put a few things in perspective. And with the recent news, it's come to my attention that I could be doing more to aid this network community.

If anyone should require assistance in the field of dimensional science, I have some experience. It comes up from time to time in my line of work. Along those lines, I'm also offering what knowledge I can, technical or otherwise. If you have any questions regarding interdimensional physics, related areas, or even more mundane topics, this is your opportunity to ask me anything.

[He moves to end the message, before hesitating, a dark expression coming over his face.]

One more thing. If you ever encounter someone referring to themselves as Barian, proceed with extreme caution. None have been brought here or arrived on their own yet, to my knowledge, but the possibility is there.
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[The voice may sound familiar to some -- maybe they know their prog rock, or maybe they've just been here for a while. Probably not, though. Either way, there's two things clear about this whoever-he-is -- he's English, and he's having a really fucking rough time. Definitely been drinking, may have been crying not too long ago. There is a click of military bootheels, as he paces across the floor. Wherever he is, there's too much background noise, the wrong kind of background noise, for it to be the MAC.]

I'd heard, y'know? About blokes who'd disappear, be gone for years. Then pop -- [the sound of a bubble popping] -- they're back, and it's been, what, five minutes for 'em, back home? Never figured it'd happen to me, though.

May. Twenty-fucking-thirteen. I wasn't but gone... I don't know. An hour? Too long.

[The pacing stops. A cigarette is lit. Okay. Alright.]

...Floyd here. The past year, mates. What did I miss?

And. Does anyone know who might have my cat?


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