May. 28th, 2013

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[ the video clicks on and there's a familiar face!! contrary to previous posts from like, eight months ago, jess' face is actually seen here, in all of its glory. for the first time on the network. her hair is as massive as ever (in fact, it seems to have gotten bigger), and her face probably seems really weird-looking. (oh peter face.)

regardless, she rubs her face, looking very annoyed. she's decked out in dumb hipster clothes (probably raided good will when she first got here) and her hand slides from her face up to her hair line, pushing her hair back. and she starts, queens accent still prominent:

An ode to being dropped back into this hellhole.

No. No. No. Nope. Nada. Nein. Absolutely not. Nyet. Non.

[ she pauses. ]

Oh, and why.

[ and then it disconnects. ]
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[There is a long, awkward pause to begin with. Rose isn't completely in view; there's half of her face and even that is a little shaky as she uses one hand to communicate and the other to fumble around off-screen.

She sighs; her mascara is a little smudged, if one where to look closely. There's a redness about her nose that could either be a cold or excessive rubbing. It is a mystery.

When she speaks, her voice is steady, but the speech just slurred enough for a trained ear to pick up on it. She says again. She looks utterly miserable. ]

John Egbert is gone.

[Another, long, awkward pause. ]

I will be taking applications for a new friend-husband in the coming months should he not return. The criteria you should meet is as follows: cute, fun-loving, must enjoy pranks.

[She rubs her eye. ]

Sorry, that was a terrible joke. He could come back. I'm formally asking that any and all Dave's not touch his things, especially his terrible movie collection.
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[ video ]

[ Kyouko's face is way up in the camera, and she looks pretty pissed off. ]

Hey. I got a serious question for everybody!

[ She pulls back from the camera--only to shove something she's holding up to it. Something alarmingly...crispy. ]

How come nobody ever told me about deep-fried Oreos?
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[Lila is leaning against the bunk of her cell. She is grungy, but trying to hide it by sitting in the shadow with her hair tightly braided. She's unhurt, but she's either got a raging case of seasonal allergies or she's been crying, from the pink in her eyes and nostrils. She's putting on her bravest bitch face though.]

Trust him. Ha.

This has totally been going on way longer than the last time, and the guards don't seem chatty. Anyone have any suggestions? Because right now, all I've got to keep me company is this communicator.

If the Reckoning is watching this, I'll say again that this is all a big mistake. I don't know any of you, or anyone that you want, or anyone here at this place. I just came inside because I thought it looked familiar. It's not. Oh, and I'm going to want my purse back.


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