May. 29th, 2013

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[Today we have quite a presentation! It's Ren and Kai, at a cafe. It's brightly lit, and Kai seems to have only just noticed the camera.

He's also got a scarf tied over his usual spiky mess of hair, and has an apron on. The drinks he's balancing expertly give a telltale explanation - clearly he has a job.

It's Ren's communicator, though, and Ren who speaks up.]

Kai, say hello, okay?

[Kai pauses to set the drink Ren had ordered onto his table, and then he gives his friend a stern look.]

Don't take a video of me while I'm working.... It's distracting...

I'm trying to get you business! Besides, you should smile when you serve a customer!

[The camera turns fully to Kai, almost... expectantly.]


[He gives Ren an earnest looking smile, then, but by the twitch of his eyebrow, it's obvious he's a little annoyed.]

...I'm not sure this will get this place anymore business, Ren..

Sure it will! Hey, if anyone's free, come down here. You can keep me company while Kai is working!

[An address is left with the post, presumably for this cafe. Ren signs off with a pleasant wave as Kai stalks off, presumably to actually do his job.]

[[ren is red, kai is blue. action responses are a-okay and encouraged!]]
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[ Yako looks a little worse for wear, clothes rumpled and hair askew. Her gaze, directed at the camera, is steady, even though she has to speak loudly enough for her voice to be heard over the muffled sirens in the background. ]

NOHoPE's power dampening system has just been deactivated. It will remain offline for about another-- [ Her eyes flick, checking an unseen watch. ] -- fourteen minutes and thirty-two seconds. The entire building has been physically locked down -- including the wards -- so we need assistance from anyone with teleporting or phasing abilities to move people out ASAP.

[ She pauses to take a breath, still speaking calmly but urgently. ]

Once the system reboots itself, the main entrances should be clear, but the power dampeners will resume effect. There are other ImPorts in the building, and I don't know where they are right now, but they'll probably need all the help they can get. I won't be able to override the dampeners again.

Fourteen minutes.

[ That about covers the essentials in as few words as possible, so with nothing left to say, she just shakes her head and ends the feed. ]

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[Angelica is in her classroom at Xavier's, mountains of paperwork have managed to pile up around her. She looks frazzled, stressed, but in remarkably good spirits.]

It's prom season, yet again. I know what you're thinking: how can we be thinking about a dance when there's so much chaos and destruction going on around here. But I think it's important to balance superheroics with downtime, and what better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a prom?

For newcomers, this is an annual event hosted by the school every year. It'll be held on June 15th this year and is open to imPorts of all ages. We dress up the Danger Room and there's music and food and it's just something really cool for the community.

[She's about to turn off the communicator when she stops short.]

I almost forgot! We still haven't picked a prom theme! If you have ideas for the dance, or maybe if you'd like to volunteer to chaperone or donate food, please speak to me! We need all the help we can get!

[Then, her eyes narrow a little, and she looks as stern as her gentle face will allow.]

And just something quick for our students. I know the weather is decent, but that's no excuse to cut classes and skip out on your homework. I don't care how bad your Senioritis is, if you don't come to class, you won't graduate.


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