May. 30th, 2013

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[ the scene opens on the desk in kanaya's room, with her sitting behind it. on top of it is a book turned upside down, the cover showing a large man caressing the leg of a woman mostly out of the frame. loose ends, by c.m. guarde, and kanaya seems to be already halfway through it. next to it is a water bottle half-full of a thick, red liquid.

the curtains are drawn, and the only light in the room seems to be coming from her. she has her chin propped up in her hand, and her eyes are heavily lidded, not as made-up as usual. she hasn't left her room all day except to buy this book.

It's funny, isn't it. The things one will do out of a hope for love. How much one will ignore, and agonize over, and consciously blind herself to. It comes to a point where you have to wonder whether Kristof is even worth the effort, but nonetheless, Nora makes no sign of relenting. She believes because she has to, and maybe if it should end in the worst possible manner, she will find a way through it still, to remain with the one she loves.

There's something beautiful in that. Tragic, perhaps, but still meaningful. And maybe it that which keeps drawing me back to the series. If Kristof could have someone to love him so much, could there be hope for the rest of us?

[ she turns the book back over, raising an eyebrow at the text. ] But it's still only fiction. That may ultimately be an unfair expectation of the world.

[ she slides over her bottle to take a quick sip from it. ]

Is anyone else reading these?
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[what's kickin' city. Harley looks excited. She always looks excited, but today she is especially excited!!

she also has an important offer. ]

Evenin', your favourite clown princess has got an excitin' offer for ya all. I happen to have my medical license back, which means it's Doctor Quinzel from now on.

[she takes a deep breath. ]

At my own expense, I'm offerin' free sessions for a week. I've been outta the psychiatry game for a while, you know? Personal issues or whatever, but it's good to be back. If you're interested, sessions are at my apartment.

[she pauses. ] Oh yeah, and they're completely confidential. I'm a professional.


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