Jun. 1st, 2013

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Jun. 1st, 2013 07:02 pm
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[ The feed starts off with a light, albeit world-weary sigh. ]

I'm rather pleased that the month passed, finally. [ He holds up a paper from a few weeks ago, the small article with a headline that says: "TRAGEDY STRIKES AT THE ICEBERG LOUNGE" rather plainly in view. ]

Perhaps with the summer coming, things will be considerably less tragic.

I do hate calling the authorities into my place of business. None of this is very good for my overhead, I'm sure the businessmen among you understand. [ But there's a pause, because that's a bit cold, even for him. At least outwardly. ]

Not withstanding the fact that there was quite the tragedy. Has anyone else had their staff murdered, or am I unique in that sense? I'd hate to think there's someone targeting import staff out there. Or maybe it's one of our own, but nobody would be that unscrupulous, now would they?

Even if it is tragic to think that we're that well disliked by the native population, that they'd kill their own.

[ A little darkly, at that. He doesn't believe it for a second. ]


Jun. 1st, 2013 11:16 pm
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[Hello there city, did you miss this greasy face all over your network? Yes, Leo has been working on his suite slash workplace before making the post on the network. Again.]

Okaaay so, two questions while we're not being... ported somewhere else and not being eaten by wild animals. [He sure sounds good-humored while he says that.]

First one: who knows any foreign languages in here and would be willing to teach me? The more foreign the better. Like... something alien, or magical or past- I don't know, we have a lot of people from weird places in here so maybe someone knows some weird obscure one? I'd also settle for things like... I don't know, French but those I could learn at a school or something.

Also if anyone does really offer to teach keep in mind I'm no supergenius or anything like that all, I'm just a curious guy. So you'd have to be patient.

And the second question! Does anyone here know anything about cars? Not... how to drive them or anything like that, more like the insides and how they work and all. Some books about it might be nice too. 

I might have overestimated myself when it came to trying to build one so I would need some pointers on the motor. 


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