Jun. 5th, 2013

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[This video is timestamped 01:06 EDT and focuses in on Spike's face at first, or tries to. He appears to be pacing.]

Passions was cancelled while I was in Hell, you know. Bloody unfair, that. Watched every episode from a crypt over the Hellmouth; easily the most dedicated viewer they had and now I'll never know what happened to Katherine. [Joke's on him because no one ever finds out what happens to Katherine.] And I know you're saying, Spike, that was six years ago but I'm going to tell you the same thing I told the bugs.

It's. The. Principle. Of. The. Thing. Yeah? Does anyone have those anymore? Principles? [He blows out a loud sigh and the picture rocks and shakes a bit to show what looks like the control room to some sort of vehicle. There's a sound like it might be coming in for a landing and suddenly the shaking stops and the feed jumps back to Spike's lovely visage.]

Not saying you have to welcome me back with open arms, or even lie and say you missed me. Hell, what's it been for you lot? Must've been less than a week, I'd wager. The moon's still looking like a little sliver of a thing. That's the pattern though, isn't it? It's been months for me and a day, maybe two, here?

[He actually laughs, like it doesn't bother him. Because on some level it doesn't. At least he gets to escape the crazy batshit of home for a little bit, even if it means the crazy batshit of the City all over again.]

Will miss being a King though, again. [Spike continues his thoughts aloud, so used to having someone around who reads his mind anyway it doesn't even register that that's half a thought. And that's when the camera pans backwards, as he walks calmly across the grass. This thing is finally revealed in all its gummyesque glory, just chilling in the middle of Jefferson Park. Spike lights up a cigarette and cuts the feed.]


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