Jun. 8th, 2013

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Jun. 8th, 2013 07:11 pm
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[ Jim has actually been here for a day (or night) already!! But Jim Kirk being Jim Kirk, got distracted from the important questions of 'where am I' and 'how is this even possible' by a pretty NPC who happened to find all his babble about being a really important guy at home to be cute. But now that it's the day-after, he's decided to be somewhat responsible and reach out ]

Oh my God this technology is old it belongs in a museum.

ANYWAY, melodramatics over, Hi my name's Jim Kirk and I'm stuck at the corner of Fulton and Water, and I need a ride and a new shirt. Got a little sidetracked the day before and lost track of things; great story, but a little off topic so I'll save it for later.

And while I'm asking for favors, I'd also really love a new pair of shoes and maybe a ride back to San Francisco instead, but seeing how I'm already in the wrong century I'm guessing the last one won't matter too much.

In order of preference: ride, shoes, shirt.

Kirk out.
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( A few hours after arriving, and after meeting up with Jim and figuring out some basics, because he's not about to make a public post that makes a fool of him in front of a bunch of people, Bones picks up the comm and says, rough southern accent and all-- )

Alright. There's obviously no point asking about how to hail a ship that's in orbit two hundred years in the future.

( A great start, by Dr. Leonard McCoy. He sounds all business, and you can almost hear him rolling up his sleeves. )

If this is a city of heroes, I'm willing to bet it's also a city of danger. ( He says that derisively. ) If you were going to rate this place based on how easy it was to get sick, injured--how would it compare to your home ti--that is, world? Are buildings getting knocked down, people getting crazy interdimensional diseases?

I like to know what I'm working with.


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