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[His greeting is concise, but seems to hang in the air. The handsome face of a man in his younger twenties appears to be looking directly back you with crimson eyes.]

I guess I have the honor addressing the members of this city -- the ones given the title of “hero”. While I'll not discredit those claims, it does seem odd that with all these heroes about, no one had taken a stand against what's going on here.

Sure, this city seems pretty nice. From what I've seen it even looks better than the real world. All the perks, but none of the baggage. I can see why some people don't mind being relocated here. For some people it's a god send, I'm sure.

But just because a few people are enjoying a new start, doesn't mean I can just let this sort of thing go.

I'm curious. As I'm still new here, maybe I have been left without some vital detail. Something that everyone else seems to already know about this place that explains their complacency.

[He sighs, shaking his head as if the idea is unfathomable.]

Someone has to know what's going on here. And who better then the ones responsible?

[He suddenly holds the phone out, defiantly glaring up at the camera.]

I know you're listening, whoever you are. Must be fun, playing god with all these people. Hiding away while you collect them like some sort of novelties. Does watching them struggle amuse you? I don't know why you thought to bring me here, but don't think you can screw with me!

[For a moment it looks like he might lose it, smashing the phone or something equally pointless in his anger, but he seems to regain himself. Taking a breath before continuing with an authoritative tone]

To whoever is responsible for this place, I issue a challenge. Stand before me and defend your actions, with word or blade. Or be labeled a coward. And worse, gain me as an enemy. Meet me at Sundown at the place called Grand Army Plaza, near the arc.

I encourage any who are interested to come out and bear witness. See the true mettle of those who are responsible for your current lives. And if they should not show, at least it would be a good opportunity to for me to gauge yours.

[ooc: Lancer is such a noob. He's totally going to get stood up like a nerd on prom night. Don't judge him too harshly, this is how he shows he cares. Link to my first ever log! Come point and laugh/get hit on to your hearts content!]
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This is a very important week for me. My birthday is in just two short days, which of course means I'm going to throw a party at the Tool Shed. If you're cool, you're invited. Certain invitees know who they are, other will be considered after a case is made to me. Make your best argument and I will decide your fate.

Also, this weekend is prom, which is of course this social event of the year! This year, since a certain individual decided that rotting in prison is preferable to having a semi-decent social life, I'll be escorted to the prom by Mister Fitzwilliam Darcy! [Wait... does he know this yet? YOLO.] Yes, you're allowed to be jealous. He's a total stud.

And while I have your undivided attention, I'm looking for a fascinating subject to profile in the next issue of City Lights. If you're an interesting person, you should totally talk to me and tell me why you're awesome and deserve to be interviewed for the magazine. Boring people need not apply.

☠ Seven

Jun. 11th, 2013 01:41 am
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((A young lad lays face down on the floor. DEEP SIGHS. He's been like this for an hour now. Is he even okay??))


Jun. 11th, 2013 03:28 am
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Hey, can you guys hear me alright? [ Leaning in towards the camera and speaking in a hushed tone is one dark haired girl with quite the devilish look in her eyes. ] You won’t believe this, but I’ve managed to convince that stuffy priest into attending prom with us. Er, not as an attendee, but as a chaperone. That’s honestly the best I could do at short notice, but oh well. It’ll do.

Oh! Guess what else?
[ Without giving anyone a chance to answer, she quickly adds in: ] And he’s going alone. Ladies, today fortune favors you for I, Rin Tohsaka, will give you a sneak preview of what’s to come during this momentous occasion.

[ Is that the background moving around her? At least she’s lowered her arm to hold the phone tightly between her fingers, but there’s enough space between the lens to tell she’s heading straight for the door of a dressing room. A jiggle on the handle indicates it’s locked, oh but there she goes blasting it off with a single explosion from her hand. ]

Hey Kirei! You’re taking your time which means this one ought to look good! [ And there goes the door being pulled open suddenly all while the phone remains hidden at her side. ] Come on, I want to see!

[ And despite how much time he apparently has been taking, Kirei isn’t quite finished yet. Behind the door, Kirei stands only half-dressed, midway through pulling a shirt over his shoulders -- which leaves a very bare and very muscular chest on display. ] Rin. The store will demand you replace that door. [ Then, as if an afterthought: ] You shouldn’t barge in without knocking; it’s indecent. One might get the wrong idea.

[ Then, his head tilts, catching notice of the hidden phone. ] What’s that you’re holding?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The manager will make their demands and I’ll blow their head off as well. [ A dismissive shrug as she holds up the phone so that the video gets a better view of Kirei’s face and his now covered chest. ] My phone. I wanted to get a picture of you for reference. If we take individual photos of each outfit, we can flip through them to find the one you like best.

[ Or in this case, the one Rin likes best. ] Smile. You know you want to.

[ He really doesn’t. His expression remains flat. ] If that is necessary, shouldn’t you wait until I’m fully dressed? [ He’s still working on that, buttoning up his shirt. Once that’s done, he drops his hands with a very mild gesture at himself. ] Will this suffice? I thought we were here for your clothes.

Can’t you at least smile for Emiya? [ Waggling the phone a bit in front of his face. Sorry viewers, you’re long forgotten in favor of the teasing. ] Well, maybe not. That’s probably a face he sees in his nightmares so we shouldn’t overdo it. Instead, let me see if those pants fit you alright. We wouldn’t want them to accidentally fall down while you’re on the dance floor.

[ If anything, his expression gets even more stoney. ] I was not aware you’d show these photos to Shirou Emiya. [ He’s very much not aware that she’d show the whole Network, either. He shakes his head, trying to urge her out of the dressing room. ] That won’t be necessary; I won’t be dancing.

Kirei, you have no idea if that will be true or not. [ Rin retorts as she shoves the phone towards his hand. ] Hold onto that, will you? I just need to reach around your hips with both of my hands like this--[ Which yes, she’s doing just what she’s saying she’s going to do. ]--and feel around for the tag.

Oh, you should probably say hello to everyone while you’re in possession of my phone. It’d be rude to ignore your audience without giving them a bit of acknowledgment, don’t you think?

Rin, you-- [ His protest is stalled when the magnitude of her words sink in, and his gaze turns to the phone in his hand, his eyes narrowing into a glare -- then widening again at some unseen gesture from the one next to him. ] Rin.

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. ]

(( ooc: red is rin. blue is kirei.))


Jun. 11th, 2013 06:24 am
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[Lila's new apartment. Specifically, the balcony. She's on a lounge chair in a neon-green bikini and a pair of fly-eyed sunglasses, because she's trying to hide that she's worried about this. But she is, and there's a whiff of desperation in her voice.]

I'm in a bit of bind here, Cityzens. I've been working my way through the stores of the City, and I've only got five left -

[Pawn stores, that is. She stops herself, because she doesn't want to spill all the deets of that, but she has to ask something. Girl has a birthday present to buy.]

Actually, no, that's not the problem. The problem is when I have to go to one that I've been in already. Here's the deal: what do you do when you've already done crying? I've really never had to come up with a round two, before. I'm thinking a wig and a wheelchair.

48 hours to Jessica Wakefield's party! It's going to be stellar.
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[ Teddy is flipping through the introductory literature, reading through it before addressing the comm. Tapping a claw against a page, his eyebrows are raised and his green face is slightly... Underwhelmed if confused. ] Okay, since there's pamphlets and stuff for all of it, I'm guessing this isn't some new supervillain thing? I mean, would have to be a really convoluted plan, taking this long - least if the dates on these are anything to go by. Least as far as alternate dimensions go, this definitely beats out a white box. ...And the dog tags are pretty cool.

[ They match his earrings, okay. He can appreciate this. The generally easygoing tone cuts out here, though. Serious business time. ]

But if anybody's seen a guy in a cape and galaxy leggings, I need to hear about it. [ A beat. ] Or any other Young Avengers, but the cape is kind of my priority here. Billy, if you're listening--

[ Chewing on his lip, he forces himself to take a breath. ]

Call me, all right?
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[On the feed is a somewhat familiar face. He doesn't really show up on here often, so the fact that he's decided to start the video on his own means he has something important to talk about.]

...I have been here for a few months myself, but there are still things about this place that I don't know.

[He averts his gaze from the screen, to look out a nearby window thoughtfully.]

People arrive here without so much of a warning... so that must mean they can leave abruptly as well...

Do those people... [He stops talking for a moment, furrowing his brow. He's heard that people have returned after being gone before, but he wasn't entirely sure if it was the truth... either way, he was sure he'd be able to find out. Asking was probably going to make him sound stupid.

Instead he shifts his gaze back to the screen, with a new subject in mind.]

...I've heard something about a dance coming up soon. Is it mandatory to go?


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