Jun. 12th, 2013

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[For once in his life, Matt doesn't sound gloomy at all. Nope. There's no trace of depression in his voice. In fact, he sounds downright optimistic.]

It's been awhile, City. About a month on this end, and far, far longer on mine. A lot has happened to me, but I'd like to hear from you first. What's the good word, my friends?

[There's a lull in his speaking, a short pause before he launches forward again.]

And before you rehash what the papers have been saying, I know all about what happened at NOHoPE. Sounds like I got out of there just in the nick of time.

[No talk of surrender to authorities this time? Hmm. Curious.]
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[The message starts off with dead silence. After a moment it sounds like Kenzi is trying to say something but she really just can't find the voice to put into words what she has to say. So she gives up and switches over to text.]

so that msg thing wrks
yk the 1 4 when ppl leave
kangs gone
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[The imPorts may start to notice at some time around midnight, a video is starting to go viral in the area of the City. Untitled and clearly shot unprofessionally, the grainy feed displays a dark figure sitting in a chair. For a minute, there's the sounds of shuffling and murmurs until a light clicks on. The camera becomes unsteady in someone's hands before it focuses on the figure in the chair again.

Outfitted in his Phantasm disguise, Sherlock slumps in the chair and the only thing that keeps him from falling are the ropes holding him in place. Though it isn't immediately obvious who he is, one clear thing is that he's injured quite badly. One of his eyes is swollen and purple, while blood trickles down his chin from his split lips. It's a struggle for him to stay conscious, though his captors aren't letting him pass out, either.

A paper is shoved under his face from off camera, someone instructing him to read, but a defiant red grin slowly spreads across his face. Without a word, he spits a bloody gob onto it with a wet smack. The reaction is loud and immediate, shouting followed by the camera dropping to a concrete floor and the sounds of fists against flesh. It cuts there abruptly, but the feed returns with several costumed people standing around the now toppled chair that pinned a heavily breathing Sherlock to the ground.]

Cityzens, this is your ever loyal Phantasm, and tonight, we reveal a traitor in our midst. [The man speaks calmly, clearly the leader of the small group of men and women alike.]

You may have heard whispers about the Red Death, and the danger their powers pose to ordinary people like us. We've done you all a favor and caught one, hiding right under your noses and you didn't even realize. Sneaking through the shadows and trying to bring down all of our hard work to stop the madness in this town. The gall of that-- to take advantage of all of you in our colors. [He steps closer to the camera, a disingenuously imploring look on his face.]

Today, we're giving the power back to you, Cityzens. Rest assured that this fake will be punished. By the end of the week, we'll carry out whatever fate you decide for him. We're just proud to clean our streets of trash like this.

[The feed cuts a final time, leaving only a standby message with polling instructions for viewers. Every few hours, the feed returns, without sound, only showing Sherlock being rather unsuccessfully interrogated only to be beaten down again.]

((MINI PHANTASM PLOT IS GO. I'll the log for Sherlock's rescue up this weekend, but for now, everyone is free to discuss the ominous post, whether they recognize him or not!))
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[ video ]

[ Once again, Archer appears to be brooding on a rooftop. Why not? It's fine superhero form. ]

It seems next Sunday is Father's Day here. What a strange holiday. Do people really need a designated day to appreciate fathers? Honestly...does this mean they aren't appreciated the rest of the year?

[ He shakes his head. ]

Maybe in between trips to other dimensions and terrorists taking over mental institutions, we'd simply forget otherwise.

[ He straightens up a little and looks more squarely into the camera. ]

Incidentally, I'm told there's to be an open prom. I'll kill anyone who spikes the punch.

[ OOC: If anyone is looking to get involved in this plot, we can work out a reason to hit Archer up on this post! ]


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