Jun. 13th, 2013

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So. Step one? I ask questions. Step two? You, whoever you are, entity or non-entity or seven-legged centi-snake-a-demon-ity, get with the splainy. I'm on a tight schedule and my tolerance for crap is pretty much, on a scale from face-punching to hugs and puppies, in or around the lethal level of low, so the faster you spit some details the less likely I am to go all Mission Impossible-slash-every-Jackie-Chan-movie-ever on you. Where am I, who's in charge… We can start with the basics and work our way up to the hard-hitting stuff if that's more your style.

That, or we can go fists first, questions later. But my mom taught me that manners matter. So I'm giving you a chance. One, and only one, chance. Because I've had enough being trapped in unsavory places for an entire lifetime in just the last week, and I'm not really feeling too sunny and bright and snuggly about this.

Oh! Almost forgot – if you see a kid running around here getting herself into steaming piles of trouble, and her name happens to be Dawn? Don't touch her. Just send her to me. If something happens to her, rest assured, I will find you. And you won't like what happens after.
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[Callie must have accidentally bumped her comm during a meeting. All that is hears is indistinct voices, lots of demonic growling, and eventually...

On behalf of Miss Maggotbone and the D.O.I, I'd like to agree on the finalized budget cuts for the summer. We'll reconvene in the fall. Agreed?

[There's scratching, hissing, and more growing. Little screams are heard.]

Um... is she-

She's fine... The past couple of days have been... stressful for her.

No kidding... is that her skin-

Screaming? Yeah... it's... been doing that.[A pause] Callie, are we in agreement?

[There's a slam on the table]

Yes, it's fine, damn it! [She hisses in her voice.] Oh.. Oh God... [Something is heard to have fallen over, and there's a low agonizing yell]



Shit! Run!!!

[There's a lot of loud demonic screaming now, a door slamming, and the sound of... peeling and cracking. After a moment the noise stops and it is silent. What was once a strained, uncomfortable sounding Callie has seemed to transform in the silence.]

Am I... Oh great.

[There's shuffling, when she finally realizes her comm's been on. She sighs]

Flint? Can you get me something to wear? Now?

... Naked in the office. Ugh. Really. We're not eighteen anymore, Callie. We're trying to be taken seriously now.

[Blue is Robert Flint aka Callie's assistant
Green is Anonymous fed financing rep
Black is Callie]


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