Jun. 14th, 2013

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And cut for troll text )

so cool.
i'd probably be more concerned about the apparently flagrant interdimensional grubnappings happening here and to me specifically if i wasn't itching to get out of that shitty computer lab to begin with.
that place was beginning to stink like several hours worth of prepubescent sweat and emotional stank which unironically is exactly what it was filled with.
i wish i did bring an actual computer from there or something though like thrown my arms around the monitor before i was whisked away two here because this tiny screen is a bitch on the eyes.
can i like trade this in for a Hornet XC460 or something.
i'll only need like 500TB memory two start with this is like super basic i assure you.
so yeah if someone could like drop that off with me that'd be great and maybe you'll even get a thank you, how about that.
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[He’s not sure if he’s doing this right. He thinks he’s recording, but he’s not really sure. It’s nothing like he’s ever used before, and he hesitates for a moment before speaking. Hopefully it’s...transmitting, and he’s not just talking to himself.]

Ah, hello! I’m, well, new here, and I know that I was...brought here for a reason.

[Which he fully believes. He always wanted to help people, the way TITAN had helped him, so he’s not upset that he was brought here to help save others. He’s just...confused. Concerned, baffled. He had plans, and he had to leave soon in order to join TITAN but... That was before he stumbled into this strange new place.]

My name is Gil Marverde. I was wondering if anyone could really explain what’s going on? I’m afraid I don’t really understand how in TITAN’s name I could have been brought here, though I doubt it could have been a mistake.

[He’s rambling, a habit he’s picked up from being friends with Nevy for so long. He could very easily carry on a conversation with himself, which he's done on several occasions. And speaking of Nevy...he can't see her. She's gone, and he can't help but be worried. She was his best friend, and he was so used to having her by his side that her being gone is unthinkable.]

Though...I really would rather know if anyone has seen a woman named Nevy here? Nevy Nervine? If you had, could you tell me where she was? I need to help her.

[He fumbles over his words, not really knowing how to end this.]

Thank you for taking your time to help.


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