Jun. 17th, 2013

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[ heeeeerreeee's spock(y). sitting in the small assigned flat he'd been given upon arrival and it still pretty much looks like what a standard issue one might look like. he hasn't had much time for decorating. his face appears to be neutral, but if one can pick up on it, there is a slight hint of frustration in the sigh he breathes out before speaking. ]


I am Commander Spock, First Officer of the USS Enterprise, and as it must be apparent, still quite new to this city.

[ he's been here a few days already but that spatial and time dislocation tends to take its toll!! also trying to navigate the new york subway in addition to all the odd stares at his ears, followed by murmurs of cheap prosthetic, but that's a story for a different day.

spock hesitates before staring down into the camera with the utmost focus. the reason behind his message must be explained with great precision. ]

In my studies, I was able to become familiar enough with the history of the Earth in the twenty-first century, yet, it appears that there is a phenomenon which eludes me.

[ dramatic pause ]

Earlier, I overheard something about a singular direction, involving one identified as 'Harry Styles'. Though this would be of no concern to myself, as I passed by the group, I became overcome with— [ his face contorts as he tries to find the appropriate word to describe the feeling, but spock, alas, has neither been a huge fangirl nor has he discovered tumblr, so he simply settles on: ] joy at the mere thought of seeing the aforementioned individual. It appears to have lasted only briefly, yet, the strangeness of this encounter has not left me.

If any valuable input can be offered, please do not hesitate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[ ooc: fyi, ~the incident~ is spock's first experience with his empathic powers! ]
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[ The video turns on to display the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation, Norman Osborn himself and the warden, Danger, standing in front of it.

Norman has his trademark smirk in place, though there's a hint of annoyance in his expression -- a hint that's at least not at all present in his tone when he starts speaking:

Afternoon. As most of you know, I'm Norman Osborn, and this behind me is the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation, subject in recent months and weeks to both terrorist attacks and patches in the security perimeter. Obviously, I was not a bit happy about these incidents befalling such an important institution, nor was my associate here.

[ He indicates Danger. ]

This is the hospital's warden and primary security consultant; she, under my supervision, has been heading a total revamp of the facility's security, fixing what had worn down and overhauling entirely what needed rebuilding from the ground up. But I won't go on-- she can speak for herself.

[ He moves aside for Danger to take the stage. She steps forward. Aside from a slight pinch in her eyebrows that suggests a hint of impatience or something like it, her face is passive and her voice is brisk:]

The majority of our upgrades are structural and technological in nature, with components designed by myself and my colleague. Improved protocols and equipment will be implemented, in addition to new treatment and release programs. However, I will decline to confuse you with the details-- it suffices to say that the breeches in security at the Osborn facility will not be reoccurring.

[ She folds her arms over her chest loosely, her tone becoming pointed: ]

If you should find yourself in our care, I suggest you put thoughts of escape from your mind. Otherwise, I will personally have to disappoint you.

[ Smiling off to her side, Norman claps his hands a couple times in a (perhaps mildly patronizing) signal of approval. ]

Indeed. I hope you all feel in safer and better hands knowing that these problems are being swiftly and successfully contained. There has been no staff turnover, but I'll be taking firmer role in both management and supervision to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. At our current pace everything should be completed in less than a month. Thank you, Danger.

[ But despite the conclusion Norman still appears as if he's about to go on, and after a moment he does: ]

Also, briefly, in other news: I'm sure some of the student-aged populous may have already read online long ago about the undergraduate scholarship my company is sponsoring, but as the deadline draws nearer I'd be remiss not to mention it myself. Consider it a reminder -- but anyone entering college in the Fall with an interest in any science might consider applying if they haven't already. The deadline is still July 1st.

That's all.

( OOC: The details of the NOHoPE security revamp can be read in full HERE. Information on the scholarship can be found HERE & anyone interested can just drop a comment to that post saying so! )


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