Jun. 24th, 2013

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[ By now, the disappearances from the City are hard to miss. Bradbury hasn't had a chance to check his communicator up until now, but it's actually a relief to realize he can still use it, and that there's a Network to connect to -- not that he's figured out the cross-dimensional part yet.

Still, never hurts to play it cautious. The text message is brief and to the point, since it's easier to pass it off as ordinary messaging or pretending to be flicking through the music stored on his comm. ]

so. sound off if you're in an alternate universe and still breathing.

[ ooc; fellow imports unfortunately stuck in new vesuvius can feel free to action-spam/run into him on the streets; he got caught while he was still at home, so it's casual attire for him! ]
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[ video ]

[ Just because this is on video doesn't mean there's much to be seen here: Archer's in a plain white shower, and his expression is carefully blank. ]

It seems the network's still working. Fine. We have one resource. If what I'm seeing is right, it might even connect to the City. What a stroke of luck.

[ His voice is flat and slightly hurried, but a little sardonic humor creeps into it at the end there. ]

We may have another resource. Clotho. Does she seem a willing servant of Vulcanus to you?

[ He hesitates for a moment, before one more thing slips out. ]

The troubling thing is this really is a utopia, for everyone but us.

[ Archer gives a quick shake of his head, then cuts the feed. ]


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