Jun. 28th, 2013

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[ Oddly enough, the mayor sits at is desk. In City Hall. If anything, he looks a little tired and worn around the edges, like he hasn't slept. The comm's proped on the desk so it shows a few paper coffee cups littered about the surface, some are even tipped over, but other than that, the desk is remarkably sparse. He may have come back and burnt the midnight oil. ]

I know the past day or so has left many of you with questions. A lot of us went missing all of the sudden -- again -- and loathe as I am to admit it, it's a problem, but the problem of interdimensional porting isn't the big one. It's not exactly pretty over there, which I'm sure most of you have heard. That's putting it lighter than is really appropriate, honestly.

[ His lips tighten, and he runs a hand through his hair. It's not obvious, but it shakes, slightly. ]

I didn't like what I heard about it, already, and I didn't get much. The little I got was enough of a shock, and I want everyone who's out there, who can hear me, to remember that this place might be shitty sometimes, but we can make it better. We have to keep going, and not lose sight of what we're all doing here.

[ The briefest of pauses. ]

But if you can hear me, and I mean you people out there, in New Vesuvius, keep your eyes and ears open. Even the smallest detail could help us here, back here in the City, and you will get back. One way or another. There's an old proverb, or saying, or some shit like that, that says "this too shall pass," and there's never been something more appropriate. There were two before this one, and I don't doubt that Lachesis will let any one of us go that easily.

But there's a reason we were sent there, as much as I hate the fucking idea.

Just make sure to stay safe. Don't do anything stupid, but don't compromise, either. Just stay safe, and those of us here at home, let's make sure we hit the ground running, and figure out a way to make sure we don't see this anywhere else. [ Like here, it implies. ]
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They're making us fight. I didn't do well. [His voice is tight with pain.]

I, uh. They were yelling. At me. Calling me.

...were we here before? I've never. I'd never.

When I lost. I tried to go to the medics... but the crowd. So they didn't, they just -- they just threw me to the side.

[A deep breath. A slight laboured rasp to it. A few long seconds, and he tries again.]

Is there anyone. Who knows how to splint broken fingers. I need instruction.

((Pink's New Vesuvius backstory is here, if anyone feels like enlightening him. cw for murder/suicide.))


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