Jun. 30th, 2013

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[anonymous text // only not;]

i used to think that i know how a hero works

but it turned out i was probably wrong

so really, what is a hero?

[He's seen the horrors of New Vesuvius, and happened to be one of the person who strangely haven't picked the option of death and continued to endure the emotional torture the place doled out at him without any refusal.

Still, thanks to a certain event, he felt the need to ask this before it drove him even more crazy than before.]

((EDIT: because i was tired while i wrote this and forgot to read the network FAQ, feel free to infer that shirou was too tired that he forgot it's impossible to be anonymous here))
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[Unlike many of Silva's posts, this is video. And unlike a lot of posts from New Vesuvius made in showers, Silva is actually broadcasting while taking a shower. Shame? What's that? Don't worry, he won't be flashing anyone, and the comm only risks getting steamed up a bit.

Don't ask why there's a blanket covering the shower curtain. Oh, you probably figured it out already.]

I have seen men and women break before. The violent reaction of the mind and spirit unable to withstand what our fragile bodies miraculously can. We think ourselves strong until we hit that breaking point. I'm sure many of you know exactly where that point is and have moved on.

It's strange to watch it from an outside perspective. Not only physically, but mentally. Dissecting from the inside and out. It never gets easier, I assure you.

[He pulls back a fist as if to punch the wall, trembles for a moment, and slowly puts it down again.] When we find ourselves past the breaking point, we are pushed through to the other side. And we rebuild. It will take time. How much is up to you. But it is possible to begin to recover.

Perhaps not put back together in all the right order, like bones setting and growing crooked, but recovered in a way that is still functional, especially with help. [One would imagine.] It's all we can do.

[He looks like he's about to say more, but--no, he shuts his mouth. He's said his piece.]


Jun. 30th, 2013 07:22 pm
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[The video clicks on to Xanatos, standing in front of the MAC. One thing of note is that he's wearing a tuxedo. Nice job plucking him right from after his wedding porter, gosh. He's obviously irritated for MULTIPLE reasons.]

Once again, Lachesis shows just how she is a master of bad timing.

[grump grump grump. He waves his hand in the air, gesturing towards the general direction of the Porter Building as he talks. The observant can note that he has a wedding ring on his left hand now.]

I've scanned the comms enough to grasp what's going on and that the Porter dumped some of us in an alternate reality again. I just want specifics about what's happening and roll call from certain people.

[Private to Nepeta]
[his tone softens slightly as he flips this to private.]

Roll call includes you. Are you okay?

[aka please don't be in New Vesuvius, please don't be in New Vesuvius...]


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