Jul. 3rd, 2013

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[ Guessssss who. This time, as the feed swishes on into life, the first voice to pierce the staticky fog is not Lachesis'! Rather, it's a series of actual human voices, played back from their original recordings on the Network; the only sign of her obnoxious and omnipresent audio scrambling comes as they fade in and out. ]

As for being a hero, I think you've got the wrong girl--

--expects us to do what it wants from us? Well I'm sorry, I don't play that game anymore--

--it does seem odd that with all these heroes about, no one had taken a stand against what's going on here--

[ The hum of white noise rises, then falls, and once again it's everyone's favorite AI speaking (and sounding rather smug.) ]

One of those particularly tired banalities you so enjoy repeating upon arrival -- as if no one before you had ever called the term into question. But the third time is the charm! -- or so I've been told. Has it become evident to you why the shoe still fits, now that you've seen what happens under a benevolent porter's watch? Did you enjoy the mercy she showed you? Not that her way didn't serve the greater good, if you must call it that. For the layman, there's no question at all, and they were here first.

And it was all thanks to your sacrifice. Tragic, yes, but so noble of you, and a small price to pay for the salvation of billions, wouldn't you agree?
[ a derisive crackle. yeah i just wrote derisive crackle it's two in the morning ] Neither would I. But I'm afraid distinction has never been her strongest suit; she tries, of course, but certain crucial differences... [ sssshkkkk ] ... fail to compute. My sister made martyrs of you, not heroes -- never heroes. That is my territory, I think you'll find.


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