Jul. 4th, 2013

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With everything that happens here, I have to wonder if we are really all that effective here other than being a nuisance or being made an example of. I'm unsure what had happened in "New Vesuvius", but it appears that sacrifices needed to be made. It's never easy to feel like you have no choice... To some people, that realization is more difficult to handle than you'd think.

Ultimately, you're left with the question of whether or not it was worth it in the end. Are you the person who refuses the circumstances you are put in or are you the person that pushes through with what you are given and find your own way?

[A small pause]

Either way... I hope all of you made it home safe.


Jul. 4th, 2013 03:07 pm
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[ You can't see it, of course, but Natasha is sipping wine in her house— work has given her the day free. It's not her first glass. ]

When I was young, they told me I should hate America. It is a land of hypocrites, corporations, debt, and twenty-four hour shopping networks. That isn't wrong.

[ A pause. ]

But it's easy to hate people you've never met.

It's also easy to hate people who light fireworks on your doorstep. [ You can muffled kids noises playing in the distance. Natasha still doesn't like fireworks, the noise reminds her too much of bombing, gunfire. But she doesn't say that. ]

Happy birthday, Steve.
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[Ollie's somewhere outside. It's not forest-y per se, but there's definitely foliage. He can be too far from civilization though as the sound of cars are still present, as are the sounds of kids playing, perhaps on a playground set. He's wearing a white t-shirt with the number "34" mostly visible to the camera. He might be a little sunburned.]

You know, most of the time I spend my Independence Day sleeping in, making chili and tryin' to convince my kids that watching 1776 is a legitimate 4th of July tradition. Buuut, the filing deadline is the 15th, and it now takes about half the number of signatures to get on the ballot for City Council that it does for Borough President. I'm not gonna spell out the disparity on that one for you, just know that it's tough.

[He smiles, maybe a little bitterly. It's the sunburn, really.]

What makes it real tough, though, is that in either case you're looking at 900 or 2,000 signatures. And signatures that have to be from your district, and they can't make finding out what actually is your district particularly easy. Let alone dealing with people who think it's too mainstream to actually register to vote, let alone register with a particular party.

It probably would've been easier for me to stay home today and sleep in, make some chili, and subject my sons to a musical about the founding of our democracy, but I figured a better use of my day off might be to get out there and try to preserve it. So, hi, in case we haven't met... I'm Oliver Queen and, god willing, I'm running for City Council. If you're a democrat registered in the 34th, I'd be pretty keen on talking to you for a minute. Everybody else? Well, have a great holiday. Remember that fireworks are actually banned within City limits and they take that shit real serious.

[And with that, Ollie gives a little salute and moves to cut the feed.]
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[The video opens to a familiar scene, though perhaps not from this particular communication device. Most people know Ned the pie maker as nothing more, and that is, after all, how he prefers it. But a distressed-looking Ned in prison-attire hunches over his comm and tries to consider very calmly what to say.

He's been arrested after this incident at the Pie Hole, and since it appeared to be a poisoning, and since Ned hand-bakes all of his pies by hand, it left the police little choice but to arrest the pie man. And so here he sits, at a total loss for words. Until--]

Good people of this City--it's Ned here. I think, by now, quite a few of you know me as the pie maker. I've baked pie for each one of you when you've arrived and I've done so out of the kindness of my baker's heart.

There's been a terrible mistake. Pie is meant to cause... happiness, nostalgia; that hint of a smile that's private and only meant for yourself, and your pie.

It was certainly never meant to cause [He hisses out his next word, clearly upset] death.

[The rattling of bars and the clomp of heavy boots comes over the audio now, and Ned's eyes widen.] I've been framed, and I can prove it.

[The video comes to an end, responses will be icly delayed.]


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