Jul. 6th, 2013

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[The camera is free-standing, floating at an odd-angle as it follows a hand slowly sliding down a line of books on a lengthy shelf for a few moments. In the distance, some shelves are covered with pottery and figures and strange artifacts. When the hand stops, Zatanna becomes visible. She seems rather chipper for having just disappeared for close to three weeks.]

Hello. [She offers a nod of thanks as an elderly man brings a cup of tea to her, setting it on the table she sits beside.] I made a tiny mistake when I came back to the City. Knee-jerk reaction, really! I tried to teleport home again and like every other attempt, I was thrown somewhere impossibly awful. Take a wild guess where it was this time! [And she pauses long enough to give her audience a moment to shout out where they think it might have been (prizes to be announced).] If you said "the Gulf of Mexico" you'd be right on the money! I wasn't far from the shore, but -- [And she pauses to lift the tea cup from the table to take a sip. She sighs, like this whole story time is a chore.] What was I saying? Oh, right. I was close to the shore, but I couldn't find my device. I've been here for a little more than a day and my magic is still off-kilter and for the life of me I can't remember an actual phone number. On the bright side, I'm treated pretty well in these parts and I wouldn't mind moseying on down here again in the near-future. There's a certain amount of comfort I take that some places never change, I suppose...

[She sets the cup to the table with a soft clink. She clears her throat because she knows she's gone off-subject.] What I'm saying is that as nice as this little vacation has been, someone should come pick me up. [Her eyes focus on something beyond the screen.] On the twenty-first, I would have been here for three years... I'll admit that I was having a tough time before I left. Going home was just what I needed to push away the blues and clear my mind, I think. At least I managed to stumble back here just in time for fire works.
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So... how about them Mets?

[Again... no really, that's all.]


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