Jul. 7th, 2013


Jul. 7th, 2013 04:41 pm
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You know what we did back on Alternia? With criminals.

[ yep, just an abrupt snap into conversation. he sounds reasonably like himself during the whole address; some inflections are a little too sharp, his words come quicker than normal, but nothing too alarming. ]

Most folk who fucked up an' got themselwes caught with their graspers in the ceramic grubpaste container, so to say, ended up winnin' themselwes a fresh fuckin' hole or two courtesy a the legislacerators. Sometimes they'd get their claws on a real useful gutterblood, though - somebody worth the hassle of keepin' in less than three pieces, usually 'cos of their powers; maybe some sad rustblooded fuck with a little extra kick to their pan. So they'd slap on some chains, and they'd work 'em down to the marrow doin' somethin' or other, for the benefit a the people they were tryin' to fuck ower in the first place. Kinda like an apology, if you think about it. A real compulsory one.

I'm kinda curious why we couldn't do somethin' like that here.

[ a beat. ]

New Wesuwius was a shithole, but it was a clean runnin' shithole. Think maybe that'd work for us too, if we took somethin' outta this whole affair. Put imPort criminals in some kinda second class citizenry status while they work off their time, make 'em put the city back together with them nifty powers a theirs. Rebuildin' Central Park ewery couple a weeks, pickin' cats outta trees. The kinda good Samaritan shit we're too busy to be botherin' ourselwes with. Hell, pair it up with that whole C.O.C.K. affair, bridlin' the capes. You'd have natiwe folk eatin' that shit up.

Might not be agreeable with whatewer piss-poor set a morals you people might be draggin' around, but I personally think a year or two a indentured serwitude'd be a whole fuckin' lot of reason to keep courteous around here. Can't go makin' an omelet without grindin' a few squallin' lowblooded grubs into a fine paste, et cetera.

[ another beat! this one is shorter, and rather than ending with the usual theatrical flair, it ends with a whimper. or more accurately, an audible shrug. ]

Just sayin'.


Jul. 7th, 2013 10:28 pm
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Hello, City! The wonderful Minako Aino has arrived!

[Minako shoots the camera her best smile, tossing her hair over one shoulder. She actually spent a few days struggled how to get this fancy thing working while trying to figure out what the hell was going on, but she's not going to share those little mishaps with the network.]

I know you must be wondering who this beautiful girl on your screen is, so I'll tell you!

[Shhh she didn't just tell you all!]

I'm fifteen years old, and my birthday is on October 22nd, which makes me a libra. This is all very important, because before you all know it, I'm going to be famous.

[This is a clone of New York, right? What better place to launch your idol career? And maybe secretly kick some ugly villain butt, too.]

If anyone is interested in autographs, I'll be giving them away for a measly twenty dollars each!


Jul. 7th, 2013 10:45 pm
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'The force of the explosion knocked Melody back several yards, leaving her sprawled across the cold, marble floor of the public library. She picked herself up quickly, brushing the hair out of her eyes and pulling up her thigh high stiletto boots. Glancing around the remains of the economics section, her eyes widened as she discovered that all of the books on free market capitalism had been left in a smouldering pile.

"Those damn Communists," she whispered, feeling grief over the loss of the founding principle of the great country of the USA. "This time," she whispered again, "it's even more personal." She drew her machine gun out from her backpack and'

That's as far as I've got. It turns out writing gory spy fiction becomes less rewarding when you've seen most of the stuff happen first hand.

Maybe I should turn my hand to something more peaceful. Or more raunchy. Whatever makes me more money in this harsh, materialistic landscape we call literature.


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