Jul. 8th, 2013

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[ oh it's this chick again says the attached name.

anyways, the video starts off and there's a figure. the area she's standing in is dark, like an alleyway. there's a face and that face is -- gasp!! grey!! it's a troll with massive black hair and spider teeth and she looks very very confused. and upset. and squinty. in fact, that troll seems familiar because!!

it's jess. as a troll. troll jess. surprise worst climax.

she's been avoiding the network since she got back to the city, not even returning home, but she figures. well. let's show this embarrassment to everyone. jess hesitates before opening her mouth to talk, large spider-like fangs portruding. and then she closes her mouth again. opens. and finally:

So. Uh. This happened.

[ the end. ]
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[ For a second, the video shows nothing but street - a very busy, awkwardly angled view of street. Then it settles on a newspaper with today's date on the front, and a second later it comes up to Julian's very confused, very frustrated face.

Hi City. Did you miss him?

Okay so, how do I put this delicately?

The seventh of fucking July?! Now, you all know how I hate to complain about anything, but Jesus Christ! Two weeks? Hey, Lachesis, if you're listening - thanks for the trip. I don't even think I went home.

What the hell happened while I was gone? All I'm seeing is a bunch of new guys - I'm sure you're all very happy to be here - and something about Vesuvius?

Someone catch me up, I'm not reading two weeks' worth of this stuff.

eight bites

Jul. 8th, 2013 05:12 pm
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[ video ]

[ This may be video, but it isn't a very well-shot video. All that can be seen is a girl's upper body, wearing a grimy t-shirt, with limp red hair hanging down past her shoulders, before the screen cuts off. ]


Hey, will you answer something?

[ But it's definitely Kyouko's voice, even if she sounds kind of numb. Even if, for once, she isn't eating anything on camera. ]

I wasn't gonna ask for anything, not even an answer. I dunno what to do with things like that anymore--y'know, things that are just for me.

But I can't figure it out on my own, so someone tell me. A bunch of you are heroes, and heroes oughta know.

What's a good thing to fight for? I mean, fighting for others...that doesn't work. But fighting just for me is no good either. So...

[ She jerks the device up so that the camera finally catches her face, pale and haggard. ]

Someone tell me!


Jul. 8th, 2013 11:39 pm
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okay so uh
my powers have been screwed up since I got back from that other version of the city
really screwed up
I'm pretty sure I know why but I dunno how to fix it and without getting too much into details here, I really don't wanna stay like this.
so uh
does anybody like, know anything about this? or how to fix it maybe?

also, I can't find ruka
she should've been back by now, but
well, if you see her, please just tell her to call me or somethin?


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