Jul. 10th, 2013

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[Angelica sounds tired, but determined and quite thoughtful, like she's been mulling over what to say for days. Spoilers: she has.]

I've always thought that people were essentially good, deep down inside. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when they make mistakes and try to see the good intentions in everybody. Like, maybe they really thought their actions were for the best. Or-- or maybe they were just that ignorant and didn't consider the long term consequences of their choices. I've made every mental excuse in the book for every act of horrible imaginable. But at a certain point... [She trails off for a second.] At a certain point there's just no point in making excuses anymore.

What kind of world is Calvin growing up in? What sort of future does he have if this cycle continues and those who seek to defend humanity wind up eradicating an aspect of it from this Earth? What sort of futures do any of us have? If we stay on this path and stay helpless, what sort of outcome are we inviting?

I'm not a politician and I'm not a fighter, not anymore anyways, and I've never been the type of person who seeks out conflict, but guys... if there was ever a time to rally, it's right now. What are we, as a community, doing and how can those of us who are tired of sitting on the sidelines help?
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:33 < hey efuryone
:33 < im not living in the hive that most of the ofur trolls are anymore, so if you want to s33 me dont go ofur there
:33 < just let me know you want to hang out and ill come ofur
:33 < i figured itd be easier to say it here than text all of my furiends individually
:33 < anyway i dont really want to talk about new vesuvius
:33 < i think that efuryones purretty much covered how hard it sucked
:33 < so
:33 < instead i want to know about efuryones fafurite games!
:33 < like, board games
:33 < but ofur games are fine too i guess
:33 < i havent really gotten to purrlay many human games since i got here and i want to know what im missing out on
:33 < and i could use something nice to do
:33 < who knows? maybe ill be able to get people to purrlay them with me a little more easily than finding a rolepurrlay buddy xDD


Jul. 10th, 2013 09:19 pm
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[ for several long moments, there's nothing on the other end of the line-- just quiet, panicked, labored breaths, the rustling of fabric. finally, though, there's a hitch of breath, and a (maybe familiar for a few of you) voice pipes up, trembling faintly and uncertain. ]

I'm not.. dead. I'm not dead. I don't-- [ he cuts himself off with a small, slightly hysterical, strangled noise. ] I'm sorry. I don't-- [ he sucks in a breath. ] I don't know.. what's going on.. How--

[ it ends. ]


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