Jul. 13th, 2013

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[Exhale.] Yuma Tsukumo was ported out weeks ago. I apologize, I'm aware that it's better to announce something such as this immediately, but I-- I wasn't ready to admit that he was gone. He was my very first friend, he treated me like I was his partner. But I know he was also friends with many of you, and it was selfish of me to keep such information to myself.

Kaito Tenjo was similarly ported out, only a few days ago. It's possible that he will return in a week, as the Porter has done something like this to him before. [He sniffs. Apparently he was crying before recording this.] However, I doubt his return. [A beat.]

Unlike Yuma, it was difficult for Kaito to interact with others, but he cared about this City and what Vulcanus was trying to do to this world.

So I will not end this transmission feeling... sorry for myself. If I did, it's likely Kaito wouldn't consider me his rival any longer. Yuma would be disappointed in me, too. [From the way he says it, it's like Yuma is an afterthought. Steeling himself is nearly impossible, it helps to imagine Yuma getting angry at him about such rude comments.]

I refuse to believe it's a useless endeavor any longer. I want to help, I don't want this world to become like the one before. New Vesuvius was a terrible place.
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[ voice ]

Send me back.

[ Archer's voice cuts in suddenly, without any preamble, and with savage bitterness and misdirected rage simmering in it. ]

Send me back, Lachesis--I don't ask for more than an hour. Perhaps two, if Saber's uncooperative. She wou--

[ A muffled crackling and rustling drowns out his words as he clutches the communicator far too tightly. ]

--almost complete. Do you have any idea how long I waited in hell for this chance? Send me back, let me deal with that kid and be done with it, and then you may do whatever you wish, so--

[ His breath hitches as he speaks, and for a few moments, he just breathes heavily. When he speaks again, he sounds more composed, but the frustration radiating from his words is still far more evident than usual. ]

Jeez, I've said a truly troubling amount. Lachesis is not the only one who can hear all this, right? Forget it. It doesn't matter. I'm here. My goals will have to wait.

[ His voice goes rough and full of pain on that last word, and he quickly shuts the communicator off. ]


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