Jul. 14th, 2013

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[the video snaps on to an EXTREME CLOSEUP of Wild Tiger, visor raised, his expression teetering between a stupid grin and a rather proud, heroic look.]

Good evening, City, and welcome to a special edition of HeroTV, just for you!

[wow he’s never done that before. It feels great. He pulls back so he can aim the video at the important part of the scene: the back of an office chair. Spidey’s leaning on the smooth leather top.]

We bring you this little bit of breaking news...

...as some of you may remember, Tiger and I’ve been keeping our ears to the ground looking for the guy who sold laser weapons to Phantasm -- or those crazy kids pretending to be Phantasm, anyway.

[Spidey steps back enough that he can spin the chair around to reveal...

One David Xanatos, webbed into the seat.

Ladies and gents, someone’s been a naughty, naughty boy.

[Xanatos himself is obviously annoyed by this, but manages to keep a relatively neutral tone.]

Patronizing me? I expected something a bit more mature, Spider-Man.

I’d pretend to be offended, but honestly, have even you met me?

Guys, come on. [he wants some camera time, too] We did our homework and found someone who could tell us where they got the weapons. Turns out it’s this guy.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t anything illegal about selling weapons to private citizens. [even though they may not have been the most legal of channels...it’s a good thing he’s keeping up that poker face.]

Oi, did you even do background checks on those guys? Considering they shot at us?!

Next time, I’ll make sure the checks are more thorough

Background che -- background checks?! [Unimpressed Spidey is unimpressed.] Hello, lasers.

Yeah, lasers! And that’s why we’re bringing you in, for weapons violations all over the place. [not that he’s an expert. That’s for the lawyers. He peers into the camera again] Can you believe this guy? Thugs pretending to be part of Phantasm get his weapons and he doesn’t even care.

Yeah, it’s almost like he’s an evil mastermind selling laser guns or something.

[Now THAT gets a small chuckle.] Evil mastermind? A bit too cliche, don’t you think? I’m a businessman, nothing more.

Yeah, and that’d be the standard evil mastermind alibi right there.

The police are on their way, so you can tell it to them when they get here. [a wink for the camera. Cliche lines are so smoooth] Never let anybody say heroes don’t do anything useful around here.

[he taps his finger to his visor] ...Wild Tiger, over and out!

[ooc: oops! right! greenish is Wild Tiger, red is Spider-man, and blue is Xanatos. Just in case!]


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