Jul. 23rd, 2013

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Jul. 23rd, 2013 04:22 pm
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I'm doing a poll. Make sure you answer honestly.

[ There's a couple minutes of pause, and a faint tapping sound like his drumming his fingers on something. ]

How many of you judge a crime by the crime itself, rather than by person doing it?

Second question, in case any of you need a follow-up.

What does "law" mean when just anyone can decide to break it? I think that there's a point where anarchy becomes less about finding justice, more about trying to rebuild a broken society with all new rules. Old laws don't apply.

But that's only theoretical.

[ He pauses again. ]

The reality is there isn't a single person listening to me now who's got clean hands. Not a single one. Yet everyone thinks that innocence is measured by comparison. "It's okay, his are still dirtier than mine. No one should care about what I do."

What the hell is wrong?
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Well, it's as good a time as any to put this out there. It's day two since I've been back at the D.O.I., so I might as well.

No, your communicators aren't broken. The Porter, again, played its game in being inconvenient, and I was brought back as a guy. Dick Maggotbone, because calling me Callie now, well, would be weirder. Get all your reactions out now, because after today I'm not putting up with any of anyone's crap. I have a job to do.

Speaking of, morale for our Import populace since our last "episode", kinda low right? So we're pulling together our resources in hopes that we can celebrate our presence and our part in the community... and mostly? To have fun.

Thanks to our leaders at Xavier's Institute for their recommendations and vocal interest in this kind of event, the D.O.I. has been discussing pulling strings to fund it and make it happen. Next, we got to get permits and approval. I don't plan on having the City wait long for results. Any additional ideas or input would be appreciated.


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