Jul. 24th, 2013

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[The video begins without a person in frame. A rather eclectic living room is visible, partially cluttered but with patches of order dotted about it where John took time to intervene on Sherlock's nonsensical filing systems. The focus lies however, not on the piles of paper or the crates of evidence, but a damaged black box lying on the coffee table. An image of a red volcano is painted on the sides. Sherlock speaks from behind the camera, setting it down to take hold of the box.]

By now, I'm sure you've all heard about the vigilante group calling themselves the Red Death. Despite their amateur status, this level of technology was recovered from a crime scene where they violently attempted to discredit their competition, the Phantasm.

[He's intentionally vague on how he had been the center of that. It's not really important, after all.]

This machine, when operational, sends out short pulses that block the powers of imPorts. Vulcanus technology. The caveman's equivalent of what was witnessed in New Vesuvius. There's no evidence to call it a harbinger. However, Vulcanus activity has increased since the lull after the Venezuela incident. [Something he'd researched, but fortunately avoided.]

Though I question how vigilantes managed to get themselves entangled with a group of international conspirators, and why our lovely hostess chose to subject us to their idea of a utopia, the most pertinent one remains: What is being done about them?

((BACKDATED TO MONDAY for the sake of masquerade people interested in replying))


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