Jul. 27th, 2013

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[ For once, Archer isn't brooding on some rooftop when this post opens. Instead, he's in a small plaza in some park or another, and he's set the communicator up nearby so he can address it with both hands free.

In them, he holds a plain black sword, identifiable by the savvy as of a Chinese styling. He studies it almost absently as he speaks. ]

Artemis. Arawn. Galahad. Aphrodite. Freyja...

[ He shrugs. ]

That's just a few of the gods and legends I saw my fellow imPorts disguised as in that strange dream we shared. How funny, right? How strange. Even after thousands of years of history to learn from, deep within us still lurk all these tales of superhuman beings who save us, who watch over us, who menace us. You'd think we'd learn better.

[ He holds up the sword he's been examining. ]

It's said that the legendary Chinese swordsmith Ou Yezi forged many blades, and that when he finally created the sword Zhan Lu, he wept, for it was a blade of mercy and kindness that would only attend the hand of a just and wise ruler. You'd think with an object like that around, war and privation would soon come to an end in that land. But China's history is still full of bloodshed even after its creation.

[ Archer laughs and casts the sword aside. It clatters to the ground. ]

Heroes and their legends will always save you, isn't that right?

[ He strides up to the communicator. ]

Human beings are really a pitiful bunch.

[ CLICK. ]


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