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Jul. 31st, 2013 06:22 pm
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[Charlie tucks a bit of hair behind her ear, smiling at the camera. It's a little fixed, betraying her nerves about what she's about to do. Spoiler alert - it's not all about what she has to say.]

 So. Who here does RP anyway? Or...LARPing. You know. Live action Role playing, with fake swords and stuff? [She conjures one to her hand as she speaks, slashing the air with her foam material.]

I think this place has enough seriousness going on. We need to make a little fun before we go crazy. Who's with me?

[The video is followed by a flash of encrypted text - for those good enough at programming to decode it, it essentially says let's play a game.]
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[Hey network! Santo is coming to you live from some small hole-in-the-wall secondhand movie and game store e he found downtown. Despite the setting, his expression is one of grave seriousness.]

Guys, we have a problem. I'm not known as the kind of guy who is bad at making decisions - in fact, I'm totally great at it, and all of my decisions are the best ones.  But for the first time in my life, I'm completely stuck, and I need advice here.

[He spins the comm around to face his other hand, which is holding two DVDs.

One of them,  RoboCrisis 2012, has cover art that is best described as pure concentrated 80's. A man with a blonde mullet and some kind of bulging muscular robot arm that looks like someone just painted his arm silver and drew lines on it is posing in front of a desert background populated by shadows that are, presumably, robots. A scantily clad woman carrying a giant gun is in the corner,

The other. Twenty Blows of Death, is a martial arts movie. You can tell, because a shirtless man in pants that say "KARATE" on them is kicking through the logo. The tagline is "THEY THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD - BUT THEN HE MADE THEM DEADDER". A scantily clad woman carrying a giant gun is in the corner.]

Just from the covers, which of these should I get?

This is super important. If the one you guys pick turns out to be boring, I'm gonna be pissed.


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