Aug. 2nd, 2013

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[ The ID on the Network appears as Power Girl.

As the audio begins, anyone with a good ear or paying close attention will notice there isn’t complete radio silence between the time the feed turns on and when a woman begins speaking. There’s a passing wind that lightly filters in through the speaker – and are those wings flapping in the distance? ]

Okay, I get it; Lachesis does not appreciate a hands on approach. Does she really call herself that? I guess she doesn’t get memos, but I thought I washed my hands of this alternate universe mess a while ago and I’m seriously not interested in being apart of it.

The City... that’s original. [ A light scoff. ] Should have stuck with New York.

If anyone from the JSA or the League is—oh. One second. [ The audio cuts for about five minutes before it’s switched back on and Peej sighs. ] That was a close call.

Sorry, as I was saying: All-stars or JSA, Leaguers, Titans, heck even Legionnaires ... this is Power Girl. I think I’ve gotten the gist of the situation, but if there’s anything else I need to be briefed on get in contact with me ASAP.

[ Not that her voice will betray how she really feels, but she really hopes she’s not stuck in another alternate universe by herself again. ]
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[Jessica looks uncharacteristically melancholy. She's in what was Laura's bedroom, sprawled out on her friend's bed, holding the communicator above her as she makes exaggerated faces at the camera.]

Laura. Laura. Helloooooo? I know you can hear me Laura. Stop ignoring me, it's totally not cute.

[She sighs, rolling over.]

I guess she's really gone. I kinda thought she'd never leave. She wasn't supposed to leave.

[For a split second Jessica looks like she might get misty-eyed before she recovers and her usual superior expression returns.]

This is officially the most depressing day ever. You guys should cheer me up. Now.


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