Aug. 4th, 2013

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[ Yako's making this post in the small hours of the morning, and she sounds fairly breathless as she does it, too. She might have impressive stamina for a regular human, but that hardly means she's superhuman, and she's not used to this much exertion.

Still, she's got an important question to ask the Network. ]

Does anyone -- has anyone else been having problems with their powers? I'm not sure if it's just me or -- ow! Stop it, Neuro! [ She yelps, more in surprise than actual pain, and there's the sound of a short scuffle before the comm feed cuts out for a few minutes.

When the post resumes, her voice is a little more distant, like she's holding the communicator further away from her. It was probably meant to be locked, but she's so frazzled she's forgotten to set it properly. ]

Mister Gilbert, Raven hasn't been acting unusual, has he? Ugh, Neuro's been worse than usual all night...

[ And the feed clicks off. ]

[action for anyone who might be hanging out on the city roofs at night] )

[ ooc; Yako has been canon-swapped to Pandora Hearts and is under the mistaken impression that she's a part-time vigilante relying on her supernatural bird-demon's powers to fight crime. ]
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[The video feed shows Minako, wearing her waitress uniform, at the counter of the Pie Hole.]

Um... I didn't want to say anything without being sure, but it's been several days now... I think that Ned has been 'ported out.

[She hesitates a moment, looking faintly anxious, but then seems to remember what else she wanted to say and presses on earnestly:]

I'd like to thank everyone who's supported the Pie Hole up until now. Things might be a bit disorganized here for a little while, but I've learned a lot from Ned. Since he's entrusted this place to me, I'm going to do my best to keep it going and up to his standards.

[She bows formally to the camera.]

So, please continue to support us. I'll look forward to seeing everyone here!

[Straightening up again, she reaches for the communicator, summoning up an optimistic smile.]

Thank you.
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[Lily has swapped into the ~Teen Titans~ universe and is taking the spot of Wonder Girl for the purposes of this event. Or she was Wonder Girl. Whatever okay.

Her voice comes over, sardonic and dry as always, but there's an extra hint of playfulness to it that seems new.]

I never will get used to the Tower not being here. Not that it really matters, I guess. Not when Lady Liberty still looks like... she does.

[She takes an audible breath and blows it out, despite the warm weather today she's somewhere a little windy, based on the feed.]

...And Robin got himself locked up, ha. He's like a walking human failure. Not that he has far to walk, in the prison yard.

Do you even get to go outside in Superjail? It's an important question. He must get at least an hour a day, right?

I'm probably the only one who thinks it's all that funny, but I always knew that boy was trouble. In fact, I probably have a few wagers coming back to me.

[The feed ends with a delicate laugh. Isn't she hilarious.]
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Okay. This is... [Claire's voice started out obviously shaken; she pauses and clears her throat.]

Well, I'm not sure what this is but I don't like it. [Way to state the obvious, Claire. She sighs.] Right. Introduction. Yeah. Um. I'm Claire. Claire Bennet. Yes, I've seen the pamphlet... thingies, and they were definitely [She struggles for a word that isn't as rude as 'completely insane and probably full of crap'.] informative.

[She starts to mutter under her breath.] Not that I'm going to believe everything I read because I'm not, you know, actually an idiot, and knowing my luck this is probably just some stupid lesson my dad and Angela cooked up to teach me about being careful what I wish for, in which case I'm going to...

[The babble stops, suddenly, and she clears her throat again. She begins purposefully addressing the speaker once more.] Anyway. Is anyone else even out there? [A pause.] Hello?
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[ Stiles Stilinski has seen the Spiderman movies (even the shitty sequels, and of course the remake) about a thousand times. He can quote the scenes pretty much by heart, cries every time Uncle Ben dies, and has spent his fair share of his life imagining himself as Peter Parker, webbing his way through the trees, kissing brilliant and sassy redheads upside down in the rain...

Whoa, slow your roll there, Stilinski. The most important thing here is that Stiles' fantasies of actually becoming Spiderman are going to become true, because he'd been gifted superpowers, apparently. Gifted superpowers. Stiles isn't sure what happened or what the City or imPorts are, but he's ninety percent sure this is actually heaven, a teenage boy's fantasy literally come to life. 

So what're you to do once you've gotten your superpowers, your apparent apartment, and, oh yeah, the ability to, apparently, believe things into happening? It's time to take a page out of Peter Parker's book, and test his limits. So currently, you'll find Stiles standing on top of a roof, flexing his hands, and in the process, jostling his communicator so the voice function comes on.

There's a lot of rustling as he backs up and looks at the roof in front of him and starts to mumble to himself in a voice that might or might not be familiar. ]
This has got to be hokey bullshit. Okay, Stiles. Okay. Ooookayokayokayokay. I believe I can make it to the next roof. Totally believe I can make it to the next roof. Totally--

[ And then, there's the sound of thudding footsteps, like he's running, and you can just hear him going-- ] OhmygodohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!

[ The last one goes up half an octave, and then ends in a loud shriek, followed quickly by a bang and a thud, and dead silence as he apparently managed to close the feed.

At least the couple of short buildings he was jumping between had a dumpster in between them. ]
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[oversized sunglasses are slipping down the bridge of his nose. they are promptly pushed up again.

a chipper tone ensues:]

[a beat.] Ahm...Yes! Well! [HM. the bright smile twitches, and what you can see of his brow is furrowed. CONCERN OR CONFUSION? WHY NOT BOTH. it's all peppered with optimism all the same.]

I appear to be the victim of that unusual time-lapse phenomena I've heard tell of! If I am certainly correct in believing the current date is twenty-thirteen, as much of my – ah, admittedly little – investigation leads me to believe...

[another beat.]

That would be...well, mildly distressing if I were to have missed some terribly important happenings! As I no doubt have, given this planet's knack for excitement and danger. [his smile's a little wincing; sorry about missing all that, really. he scratches at his scalp, making him look even more sheepish as the sunglasses slip down his nose again.

they are pushed up once more.]

I do hope you will consider helping me fill in some most likely substantial gaps! This being my preliminary investigation into such, given how it will not only serve as a means to catching up to speed, but...catching up with those I already know quite well! [HOPEFUL NOTE IN VOICE.

and then he bristles with a thought.]

Oh! [a laugh.] And those I don't know at all yet, for the aforementioned reason!

My name is Steve. Hello!
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[for a guy who mocks goth kids, Alastair is looking slightly goth today. A little too much eyeliner, and that's seriously a black trenchcoat instead of his usual gray. He's going to rue this when the latest round of Porter shenanigans wears off, but right now, he's dead serious.

And it's never a good sign when the Oricalchos is already glowing green on his brow

You ever just wake up one day and say to yourself, I've had enough?

Not to scare our latest round of newbies, but none of you are the one I'm looking for. I've been waiting for him for a long time, and still nothing. I think I've had just enough of it. What does anybody need with a heart anyway?

I feel like I've been forgetting my real mission, for I don't know how long. But there's something I've been meaning to do, all along, and after watching the brainless idiots writhing around in that dance club the last couple nights, I feel like I oughta get back to that mission. Even if I can't find mine, it's what I'm meant to do. What they made me for.

Anybody tired of it all, want an escape? I can help. All it'll cost is your heart.

[he tries the whole evil-laugh-and-dramatic-fade-out thing, though he hits the 'send' a bit too soon and cuts himself off. The 'hearts' he wants to capture are souls, though, even if he doesn't realize it]


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