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[ The camera clicks on to reveal a scene at the Institute's basement laboratories. It's the usual mess of mechanical miscellanea. There's the usual blue robot in view-- or is there? The being on the feed is definitely mechanical, but visibly masculine and dressed in what appears to be a priest's vestments.

When danger's voice comes, it's from off camera.

Inquiry: Have there been a significant number of incidents involving form alteration within the past twenty-four to forty-eight hours?
If so, what progress has been made towards identifying the source?

[ A pause, as she comes into view, moving to stand behind the other robot. She eyes him skeptically for a moment before speaking a touch impatiently: ]

It is impossible to run diagnostics while you are so needlessly dressed, Kirei.
I cannot access the relevant ports.

[ The second figure in question turns his head, regarding her neutrally. He has responded to 'Kirei', and perhaps by a stretch there could be a visible similarity drawn between the unfeeling metal shown on the video feed and the human flesh and blood that one would usually associate with that name, but it is slight.

What gives him away the most is the vestments, and he shows no intention of budging on that.

Concern is unnecessary. I am operating within standard procedures. Self diagnostics have returned normal.

Additionally: your request is inappropriate.

Inappropriate by the standards of the humans who have clearly indoctrinated you, I suppose.

[ Her tone is mildly judgmental, and she gives no warning before unceremoniously jerking up the back of his clothes. Reaching over her own shoulder, she chooses one long cable from her hair and promptly plugs herself in.

To the camera:

I will await responding Network reports.
The second opinion of a mechanic or technopath would also be somewhat helpful.

Initiating interface.

[ And the feed cuts. ]


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