Aug. 6th, 2013

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[The feed opens to show Christine in expensive garments, clothes apparently tailored to fit her figure and complement her complexion. Long gone is the silk robe and lace lingerie she was wearing when she first arrived to the City, stained with her own blood. Her new attire is plain but rich in color, turtleneck hiding a very visible scar across her throat. Surely you understand why she's chosen to conceal it.

There's a long cigarette resting between two fingers, smoke trailing upwards slowly. She eyes the camera with a certain kind of curiosity in her eyes, a critical inspection more than a friendly question, despite the hint of a smile in the corner of her lips. She brings up her hand to softly move a strand of blond hair from covering her features.]

I've always wanted to come to New York. I've been in Europe for years now, you see. Don't get me wrong - Europe is lovely, and nowhere near as expensive, but New York... that's what I really wanted. I had an apartment ready and everything.

[She tilts her head, pursing her lips to take a drag from the cigarette. With a soft hiss, exhaling smoke,] I guess dreams do come true, one way or another. I mean - I know this isn't exactly New York - [She rolls her eyes, hands gesturing with her,] But it's close enough, isn't it?

[Her words are paced, her tone unusually calm and conversational. She's not afraid of talking to complete strangers. She also happens to love the sound of her own voice.

Said conversation takes a sudden turn when she taps the ash off the tip of the cigarette, eyes narrowing, hand tucked beneath her chin, revealing an expensive diamond ring. Christine might as well be asking you to tell her the time.]

What's it like? To die.

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Aug. 6th, 2013 09:39 pm
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[ The feed clicks on to a rather posh desk. Very posh, actually, despite the stands where they are very obviously very well-loved by the birds that occasionally perch there. Oddly enough, there is not the just the usual accompaniment of Percival, but a new face as well, a bird that looks like none other. Something with vibrant feathers, a rather musical-like chirp, and a face that still looks like it's drinking in every detail. There's a definite intelligence in the bird's face, and it literally looks like something that some people would recognize as something that looks vaguely like something from TíraFórsae. ]

It's curious, how exciting things continue to be, isn't it? One thing after another, after another.

[ He's smoking, and he waves a hand, smoke curling from the cigarette, and drifting back and forth across the screen. ] And yet life does need to go on, doesn't it? No matter what nonsense seems to come up from one week to another. Thankfully, things seem to be a bit more low key now.

I was thinking that perhaps something a bit more low-key is in order, hm? I've been feeling rather inspired lately, if I do say so myself.

Next Friday would be the perfect time, and I was considering something of a theme. After all, most of us wore some sort of costume at one time or another, didn't we? Although I do think this will be a bit more vintage than most are used to. Something historical, I think. [ He waves his hand, like he's coming up with it at the drop of a hat, but everything is perfectly considered and carefully plotted.

He smiles at the camera, something sharp and just a touch sharp.
] I know how people here enjoy nostalgia, after all.

[ And then he lifts in front of the camera a cardstock version of a poster that's going to be making the rounds in places where... posters show up. Advertising, of all things, a 50's themed night. He even looks a little pleased at the prospect. ]


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