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No, God -- bad dog, Terror. Seriously.

[ the camera jostles a bit, like the person holding the communicator is moving around. there might be a quick glimpse of a little white terrier's wagging tail before the feed finally turns onto terry's (unsurprisingly) disgruntled face. ]

Okay. So. I might be having a slight problem here.

[ more jostling as terry tries to catch his dog again -- and gets out-maneuvered again. ]

My stupid dog may or may not have my roommate in his mouth. That roommate may or may not suddenly be the size of a Ken doll. So -- yeah, whoever's dumb powers are acting up right now, screw you, you suck, et cetera, et cetera.

[ being shrunk down to one-sixth of his usual height also appears to have compressed bradbury's voice -- and his temper, if the squeaky, indignant cussing that's audible off-camera is any indication. ]

Fucking hell! Put me down, you little shit--

[ when terror darts into the camera's view again, the problem becomes immediately more visible, as he's holding a much-diminished bradbury around the waist. at least he's dressed, but the miniature pajamas and t-shirt are thoroughly soaked with dog spit. ]

A little help, here?!

I'm trying.

[ and yet the terrier continues to elude him. ]

Look -- on the off chance that anybody knows how to fix this? That'd be great. If not, I guess I can always hope the Porter decides to bring in the Dog Whisperer before Terror feels like burying Mr. B in the backyard.
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[Calvin is standing in what appears to be a StarkTech lab, in front of a distressingly large and fancy-looking ray gun mounted on a tripod. He is wearing a labcoat that is much too large for him, pooling around his ankles and with sleeves hanging off his little arms.]

Attention denizens of the Network! You are about to witness the next great scientific breakthrough! Any journalists and academics among you ought to start taking notes, because you are going to see something for the history books.

[From offscreen there's the high-pitched whine of some piece of equipment spinning up, then Valeria's voice.]

I don't mind you recording, but you don't need to narrate.

[Calvin shoots a look off to the side.]

Yeah, well you don't need to interrupt!

Anyway, thanks to my genius and some minor technical assistance provided by some other kid, I have perfected a stunning leap forward in shrink ray technology! You're lucky to see its first-ever demonstration.

cut for length and kids bickering )

Are you done? Finally! You're distracting everyone from all the science!

[Now Calvin can be the center of attention, as it should be. He hops back on the shrink ray, and peers at the complicated control scheme that could only have been developed by a member of the Richards family.]

Hey, where'd you put the 'on' button for this thing, anyway?

[Val finally turns around, and shrieks in a mixture of outrage and alarm.]

I told you not t--GET DOW--


[Calvin shrieks, the shrink ray glows bright white, and suddenly there’s a crackling roar as a discharge of energy blanks out the screen. All that can be seen is the spreading cloud of gaseous Pym Particles filling the lab, as Calvin yells “It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my-“]

[ooc: No responses from either of the kids, as their world just got a whole lot smaller!]
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[ It takes a moment for anything to be visible on the screen. There's a kind of green haze, then the camera clatters onto something hard and falls at an angle.

Then Julian appears. He's standing on a desk, right in front of the camera. He's also got a pen in his hand, but he's holding it beside him like a staff. Because it's as tall as his shoulder now.

He looks kind of pissed.

Okay. You know what? Fuck this shit. Val! Don't think I didn't just hear you talking, I know this was you! Why the hell is anyone letting her near anything with buttons? Of course it went wrong! We're lucky she didn't teleport a goddamn dragon on our heads again!

[ So, needless to say he's not actually going out in public like this. He points his penstaff at the screen. ]

Someone pick me up. I'm not fucking kidding, I'm not staying in the office like this! Who can fix it? I almost wish Nemesis and Jeffries were still here.


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