Aug. 13th, 2013

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Is there a record of how many are present?

[and then, he speaks in a completely different language. something that sounds almost...mechanical. Cybertronian, for those curious]

And how many of you understand me?

((OOC; For the record! All voice comments by Nemesis are in Cybertronian as well, unless noted. All text is in English. c: ))

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Aug. 13th, 2013 10:53 pm
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[ There's a scrap of darkness that floats in front of the camera, before finally pulling it away, not obscuring the whole view, but a part of it, before the camera catches Shade on, well, what looks like a wooden surface. He's in clothes (thank god) and looking rather peurterbed with the entirety of the world.

Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't have a cane to lean on, but there's something off about his position. The wood looks just a touch too grainy, and the cheese of his platter is all too small, like crumbs more than slices. He couldn't slice it any thinner, and he's missing his usual glass of something alcoholic.

I don't often find things that can so thoroughly put me out of comission.

If someone could spare a small glass, it would be appreciated. I've been too long without alcohol.

[ he needs a tiny, tiny glass. ]

Perhaps I'll reward whoever brings me a glass like that with a reward, later on. Something expensive. [ And likely stolen, he wouldn't deny it. ]
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Troy and Abed in the mooooorning! [ That’s right. It’s that time. Troy and Abed, appropriately dressed in the tiniest of business casual sweaters which were stolen from toys, are coming to you live from in front of a convenient mug.

It’s kind of hard to pretend you’re drinking high-quality Hollywood coffee when none of the mugs shrank. They’re clearly not letting that deter them, though, and have their biggest stereotypical morning host smiles on. ]

And we’re back!

If you’re just joining us, welcome. Today’s show is all about some useful advice for those of us who woke up on the teeny-tiny side of the bed. We now have a guest in the studio, is that right? Abed, would you like to introduce us?

Thank you, Troy. We’re talking to none other than Mr. Joseph Colton, American hero, who’s going to be giving us all a lesson in dental floss: what else your tool for hygiene can help you handle. We’re happy to have you with us, Joe.

[ And Troy’s taken the opportunity to get up, moving the angle of the camera just a bit to show that Mr. Joseph Colton is a G.I. Joe propped up on the other side of Abed. He’s got dental floss strung all over him.

They pause for a moment, because this is where Joe is saying his hellos. Troy takes his seat again and laughs good-naturedly. ]

I know I never leave home without it.

[ Abed laughs as well and nods. ] Now sadly, we don't have too much time left to get into all the details we could use. [ Cue politely sad frown. ] What are your top three pieces of advice for the folks at home?

[ They pause for a time, letting their guest say his piece. ]

Truly words worth hanging on to. Thanks for being here, Joe. We appreciate the services that you do for the community. [ Troy nods and looks back to the camera. ] When we come back, we’ll be taking some viewer calls. Don’t go away, folks.

[ And with a nod/imaginary coffee mug toast, Abed makes the trip to cut the feed. ]


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