Aug. 16th, 2013

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Alright, I give up!

[ Not usually a quitter, this is how Rin chooses to greet everyone. With her communicator in one hand, she holds up a laptop by the top cover flipped downwards to show the basic operating screen with an empty field alongside PASSWORD. ]

My flipcomp, its all broken and stuff now! [ It seems to be working just fine judging by the blinking cursor in the field, but let's just ignore how pounded in that keyboard looks. ] Well, it isn't exactly mine. It belonged to someone else, but since he left it here in my possession, I've claimed it as my own.

Which is why I need back inside of it! [ Shaking it feverishly, desperation begins to seep into her tone. ] I keep getting these calls on my phone!

[ Is that an old fashioned phone sounding off in the distance? She must have shoved it in a laundry basket or something since it does sound a bit muffled. The girl pauses to listen as her gaze hardens. ]

Something about my subscriptions to various sites and that my method of credit is invalid. I don't understand, but they said if I log onto the haitch-tee-tee-pee--[ Because the last time she pronounced URL as "earl" she got strange looks. ]--that I would be able to check my balance and get out of the negative. Augh--do you know how frustrating this is? I don't remember signing up for these things and I'm too young to be thrown carelessly into debt! N-Not that its any fault of mine--this is all the fault of someone trying to damage my reputation! I would never sign up for, er, what was it they said?

[ Placing the "flipcomp" down on a table, she leans over to read something. ] Land of Longing? Yeah, I don't even know what that is! Who longs for land other than some kind of selfish lord? Bless Stage Lust Is Your Weapon? What is that even? Third Life? What about my first and second lives? I don't get it, I don't get it at all!

[ The consequences of being a PC gamer for a short period of time is coming back to haunt her, though some of those games sound kind of questionable. ]
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[The feed comes to life showing a very frumpled looking blue-haired Irishman as he tosses himself into a chair, letting himself sag down till his chin is practically touching his chest. Sticking haphazardly out of the corner of his mouth is a cigarette about half way through it's life.

For a moment he just stares back at the camera with a frown that's borderline pouty before he puffs a stream of smoke out of his mouth and withdraws the cig.

I've got two things to ask and I suppose this is the best place to do it.

The first and most pressing: This city is an impressive mix of figures from every which place and time. Surely there has got to be someone out there who is an accomplished magus or being that can help me. [He leans forward gesturing with this cigarette.]

I have a very immediate need that only someone truly gifted in the Arcane arts can help with. However, the thing I'm dealing with is some high level stuff. Like.. miracle-grade, reality altering level of power. If you have such abilities, or know where I can find someone that fits the bill, please tell me. My life just got a whole lot more complicated...

[Leaning in his voice suddenly goes to a whisper.] And Rin, if you're getting this, I know you're an accomplished magus, we'll talk about this. Just hear me out.

Secondly! [Stands suddenly and starts stalking around the room, rolling his shoulders in a restless way.] Things have been kind of hectic since I've arrived in this city. What with being abducted in the first place, then there was New Vesuvius and... other personal matters.

Sometimes a guy's just got to let off some steam, you know?. I'm sure there are people out there that can sympathize. [He stops in front of the camera, and places a hand on his hip as he smiles handsomely into the feed.]

So how about it? Anyone out there that wants to work off some stress? This is an open invitation, no strings attached. Have I got any takers?


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