Aug. 18th, 2013

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Well, I've been here for two weeks and, so far, this place is pretty much as insane as it seemed when I first showed up. Maybe even worse.

Which means, if I want to keep from sitting around and worrying when the next round of crazy is going to happen, and if it's going to happen to me, I should probably get a hobby. Or maybe a pet. Or a job. I guess a job could work, too. Anybody have any ideas?
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[the video shows one distressed nill who is trying very hard to appear as if she is not in the least distressed. her expression is smooth, save a crease between her brows. nothing is given away in her demeanor, even though on the inside her heart is racing. her hands shake when she types, but it isn’t obvious:]

Has anyone seen Kate today? I have not heard from her today an

[it is at this exact moment that helena appears on screen, approaching from behind. she looks upset, perhaps a bit disheveled, pursing her lips as she places a hand on nill’s shoulder.]

She isn’t in any of her usual places. Not at home, not in the gym, and she’s certainly not at my place. It’s been days since she’s contacted me, this really isn’t like her at all.

[nill had swiveled around to look at helena, and when she once again faces the camera, there’s no hiding her worry. she doesn’t like to pry, doesn’t like to ask too much--but kate always, always contacts her if she’ll be out for longer than a night. nill takes a deep breath and reaches towards the comm again. her hands are visibly shaking now.]

If someone knows where she is please tell us.

[hel looks at what nill has typed, nodding her sentiments.]

Yes. We would definitely appreciate it. [a beat.] And if you see this, darling, it isn’t cute, making us worry.

[ooc; black is nill, purple is helena. both will be responding!]


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