Aug. 22nd, 2013

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[There's nothing for a moment before Billy comes into focus, looking a little grave like he intends this to be A Serious Blogpost or something at least sort of important.]

Hey it's Billy. Kaplan. Yeah you can get that from the id on the post, but whatever. You probably heard from Clint but Kate (Bishop) left like a week ago -- 10 days, actually. And it wasn't that long before that that Eli left. Back home, they were my teammates. [there's a short laugh, because he certainly hasn't been much of a teammate any time lately, at least not since that fiasco with Wanda and Doom.] Both of them were real heroes, the kind you'd want on a team. And then even when the team split up Kate still kept really fighting the good fight, you know? She really believed in it.

When I got here three months ago the whole, "welcome, hero" bit seemed really silly to me. I thought I was done with that. One thing back home to fix and that was gonna be it. Done. Hanging up the cowl. But...since Kate left I've been thinking a lot. She kept doing it no matter what, and maybe - maybe she's the example I really needed. The world needs more Kate Bishops.

I have a gift and Teddy's right, I've been wasting it not using it. I want to make things right. I want to believe again that every little bit counts, and I don't want to sit here doing nothing anymore, but I know I can't do that alone.

[deep breath, Kaplan. Try not to think about how people might just see this post and laugh about your delusions of grandeur. There was definitely a point here.]

I fought on a team before, and I think that's the way to go about things here, too. But more importantly, I really need to talk to magic users. I know that not everyone's worlds will have the same kinds of magic but maybe if I compare notes with enough people I can start learning how to refine mine. And if I do that, then...then I'll be better.

If anyone wants to fight, or help, or -- I don't know, feels the same way? We should talk.


Aug. 22nd, 2013 12:53 pm
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[Rapunzel is sitting at a table in the Xavier Institute library, with Pascal asleep by her elbow and an array of books and papers spread out before her. Her hair is draped across nearby chairs, popping up at random in the background, and she's dressed in a simple white button-up blouse. Her thumb is half-covering the screen of her comm as she looks at something, and then she sighs and turns her attention to the little device, shifting her finger away. She looks...frustrated. And a little sad.]

I suppose Doctor McCoy isn't coming back at this point.

[A beat, as she picks up one of the papers.]

He was helping me get my 'GED,' since I never was allowed to attend school when I was younger. [And she was too old now, supposedly. Which was frustrating.]

And I think I can do most of it. I mean, he left me a list and notes and a coursebook but...

[A sigh as she sets the paper down again, her hand hitting the table hard enough to wake Pascal, who chitters at her softly.]


[This is whispered as an aside to the little chameleon before her green eyes focus back on the camera.]

Has anyone else ever done this? Or do you know anything about it? I have to get this before I can apply to any sort of nursing school, and I don't want to accidentally do it all completely wrong.


Aug. 22nd, 2013 07:19 pm
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[ kariya doesn't have much to do with the network. he checks it now and again to see what's going on and to keep up with new arrivals and departures, but for the most part, he's content to live quietly in the church. he's recovering, after all, and the crest worms still leave him exhausted and often in agony.

still, he's rediscovering what it is to actually live again, and with it, his love of photography has returned. the church is an old one, and it has so many lovely little nooks and quirks and interesting flaws. cracks in the plaster, the sunlight through the stained glass, dust specks dancing in the colored light. the worn wood of an empty pew, christ's faded paint where he hangs forlornly on the cross.

unfortunately, he's been a little too shy to share his more intriguing findings with anyone. he only knows kirei here, after all, and the priest is busy. but.. it's not like he has to show his face, right? he doesn't even have to talk to anyone to post a photo. .. even so, it's taken him this long to do it. (he's still not even sure if he should.)

despite that, well... what the network gets is a quick snap and a caption courtesy of one quiet, easily-overlooked matou. ]

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[ and that's it. ]


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