Aug. 29th, 2013

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[The video feed displays a forest from a very high vantage - maybe somewhere near the top of an especially tall tree, if the branches partly visible in the foreground are anything to go by. It must be a very tall tree, though, because the slow turning of the communicator takes in a vast expanse of forest indeed. The castle and town are visible in the distance at first, a long way off, but they're soon lost to view as the feed continues to pan along the treeline.

From this high up, there are subtle patterns visible in the sea of green. Like tiling, although broken here and there by some more unique features.

Including, the communicator finally turns downward enough to show, a long swath of disturbed undergrowth and broken saplings crossing the ground almost directly beneath the tree the broadcast is being made from. Where the ground is visible along this trail, there are tracks pressed into the earth, furrowed where claws have cut into the dirt.

Something very large has passed this way.]

Whatever I try, I haven't been able to find a way through the forest.

[It's Minako's voice, and in another moment she turns the communicator so she's visible in the video feed, crouched precariously in the fork of a branch with one arm wrapped around the tree trunk to steady herself, bright-eyed with enthusiasm.]

This looks like it's leading to something, though. I'm going to follow it and find out what.

Does anybody else feel like there's something weird about this whole thing? --I mean, more than the usual?


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