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Sep. 1st, 2013 12:25 pm
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[ the communicator must be sitting on her cot or maybe her desk, because it provides a clear view of her sitting against the opposite wall on the floor, surrounded by an impressive clutter of envelopes and papers in various sizes, covering the ground. ]

"I feel connected to you, like we're soul mates. I've got every newspaper I could find with your name in it. I keep them in a box in my sock drawer so my mom doesn't find them."

[ she reads aloud from one of the apparent letters with a wry sort of entertainment before tossing it aside and picking up another one: ]

"When I saw you use your powers on the news, I felt like maybe I had power inside me too. I could do it. I could do anything I want. I could be like you. Will you teach me how to be like you?"

[ and another: ]

Here's a favorite-- "Will you go to Homecoming with me?" [ she scoffs, exhaling and tossing that one aside too. ] There's more too, shit. Teenagers. Housewives. Accountants. Teachers. I think I've even got an ex-cop in here somewhere. And they're all my number one fucking fans. I get more letters than fucking Santa Claus.

[ a humorless upward twist of her mouth. ]

Kinda sick, huh?


Sep. 1st, 2013 01:43 pm
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 [Charlie's sitting in a chair; she's been sitting there for a long time, now, idly stroking the ginger kitten in her lap. No queen outfit, this time, no crown. She looks almost broken. The kitten isn't that pleased either, by it's harsh meowing - she's rubbing it too hard. With another meow, it digs its claws into her leg and takes off - and the wincing Red head finally comes up.]

Cyd's gone.

[She feels like she should say something else. Something to mark how much this means.]

She was my roommate. [Another pause.] And my identical twin. From another universe. Which was weird.

...We had a cat. [She'd settled down, here. She'd had a pet. With her sister, pretty much but still. She'd settled down with someone. And they're gone. And suddenly she' angry.]

The porter needs to go down.


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