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[For someone so well-dressed (and God, is he well-dressed, almost insufferably so), the furnishings of the given housing arrangements look quite strange in comparison. He’s too used to a life of luxury to fit in properly against the backdrop behind him, but what else can he do? Really, he hasn’t been here long enough to go about getting back on his feet like he was in his own world.

Where, apparently, he specialized in wearing extremely expensive three-piece suits that were more fitting on a runway than a rack. It's complete with obnoxious pocket square that's so ugly in pattern it has to be costly because no one would wear it otherwise.

He left his home when snow was common, but he comes into a sweltering heat. He should probably take his jacket off, really, but appearances and first impressions can be almost everything.

I’ve not been here long and I am certain that there are questions that are asked continuously, so I will simply ask: are there any sources of in depth information about where I’ve found myself other than asking questions of those who have been here for very long? Are there articles or pamphlets I could read to be better informed and stay away from taking up too much of anyone’s time? I would very much appreciate any resources there are to be found. Unless, of course, there is someone designated to answer those questions, and then I promise to be as succinct as possible.

[And then because it’s rude not to:]

My name is Doctor Hannibal Lecter. I’d like to offer my thanks in advance.

[Someone please tell Hannibal there is a spider making its way down the threshold behind him. It's only rude if it's gone about in a bad way. Really.]


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